About DataWindow Filter

Official page with PowerBuilder components placed here: http://dwcfilter.com

DWCFilter is a filter component (visual-object) for PowerBuilder that allows end users to specify filter criteria for DataWindow data.
It is created with the purpose to relieve a developer from routine work on creations of a users filters.
You should not create windows of filters more.
DWCFilter itself will define all requisites, properties and the data set of yours DataWindows and will construct corresponding them a window for a filtration of data.


  • Support of Grid, Freeform and Tabular DataWindow styles
  • Support of Column and Expression types of DataWindow objects
  • Support of Edit, CheckBox, DropDownDW and DropDownListBox edit styles of fields
  • Support of string, number, decimal, date, datetime, long and ulong data types
  • Expressions for numerical data types(for example >5, <20, 50-90)
  • DropDownDW with unique values for string data type
  • Calendar for fields with date type
  • Storing of the current filter
  • Illumination of data in a window of the filter
  • Period for date and datetime data types

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changes & events

9 April, 2009

  • Added DWCFilter demo library for PowerBuilder 7 Build 10312 and PowerBuilder 11.2 Build 8407

19 March, 2009

  • Added DWCFilter demo library for PowerBuilder 11.5 Build 2506

DWCFilter v1.5.2 (27 August, 2008) - What's New

  • Fixed filter expression for date columns

DWCFilter v1.5.1 (09 June, 2008) - What's New

  • Updated English translation
  • Fixed syntax error in checking multiple rows for label

DWCFilter v1.5 (15 February, 2008) - What's New

  • Changed character set in the filter window to standard ANSI

What's New - 9 December, 2007

  • Updated DWCFilter demo library for PowerBuilder 10.5.2 Build 7564

DWCFilter v1.4 (28 July, 2007) - What's New

  • Fixed creating a DropDownListBox in filter window from a DropDownDataWindow in source DataWindow

DWCFilter v1.3 - What's New

  • Added calendar for date columns

DWCFilter v1.2 - What's New

  • Added support for time data type
  • Added period for time data type in filtration criteria
  • Added default format used by system for date columns