Brian Ciampa
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I love to work with data.  Helping decision makers to see the true value of their data is a passion of mine.  A pile of data sitting in a system is just that...a pile of data.  However, if that data is warehoused it has the potential to give the leaders of an organization insight into things like...
1.) For a given time period, what is the cost vs. productivity of each individual, department, and/or line of business?
2.) In a given year, during which time periods does revenue peak or decline?
3.) Over a five year period, how has this individual, department, and/or line of business performed?  Drilling into the data, which details have contributed to that performance?

I enjoy helping organizations answer questions like these.

This site contains some of my sample ETL code grouped by business process.  The ETL is written to warehouse data from a fictitious source system (both the design and data are entirely fictitious)...

Source System


...into four star schemas...


Salary Star Schema

Evaluation Star Schema

Employee Leave Star Schema

Salary vs Evaluation Star Schema


...using Oracle PL/SQL.  My purpose is not to broadcast my Oracle PL/SQL skills but to display the process that I used to design the stars, write the ETL, and verify the results of the ETL against the source system.  If you feel that you are not tapping into your data's true value I would love to help you with that.