A free software to manage data and statistics.
Copyrigt Massimo Nardello, Modena (Italy) 2012-2015.

Version 0.1.10.

What is DataStatix?

DataStatix is a free software for GNU/Linux and Windows useful to manage data of every kind (although it has been written to manage biomedical data), to create descriptive statistics and graphs and to export items easily to R environment or to other statistic softwares. In order to handle properly big amount of data and many concurrent users, DataStatix works with MySql database and it has been developed and tested with MySql community edition 5.5.

Some features of the software are:
  • users management (create, delete, modify password) within the software;
  • different users levels of data access (administrator, default, read only);
  • user defined templates (models) of data, to create new databases easily;
  • importation and esportation of data in CSV format (used also by Calc and Excel);
  • updating of existing data from a CSV file created with DataStatix;
  • descriptive statistics from every data (some more kind of statistics to come);
  • graphs from every data.
To manage database templates, DataStatix uses SQLite (, a popular database software whose data can be easily read and exported through different tools available on the Internet.

DataStatix has been developed with Lazarus ( and Zeos components ( on Ubuntu 12.04, and compiled for GNU/Linux with GTK and for Windows.

Some statistical algorithms have been taken from

DataStatix is free software and is released under the GPL license version 3 (

The English manual of DataStatix is available in the Download section. There's also an instructional video in Italian which presents the main functionalities of the software: it's avaliable below and in


These are few screenshots of the current version of DataStatix running on Ubuntu 12.04 with sample fictional data. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


In the Reviews page are reported the online reviews to the software.

Wish list

In the Wish list page are reported all the requested functionalities that will be implemented in DataStatix.

Bugs report

In the Bugs report page are reported all the known bugs which have not been fixed in the last version.

Help and contacts

To contact me, the author of DataStatix, send an email to ms.nardello at the domain Please do not contact me in order to have support on the installation or the use of the software. I can't really answer to single users requests.

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The latest release of DataStatix is the 0.1.10 and has been released on October 19 2012.
Download DataStatix 0.1.10 for Gnu/Linux or Windows from the Download page.

This software has been made with Lazarus.