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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find academic data?
You can look up past assessment scores on PerformancePlus and NWEA. The homeroom teacher/advisor (case manager if applicable) will know about any interventions or additional information. 

Where can I find attendance information?
Attendance can be tracked in PowerSchool. Meeting attendance is tracked and can be viewed through PowerTeacher. If you want to run a report for a specific purpose you need to see someone with PowerSchool-Admin access (guidance, data geeks, Attendance Coordinator or email Powerschoolsupport@pittsfield.k12.nh.us). 

Where can I find discipline data?
At the middle high that is tracked in PowerSchool (but you can only run the report with admin access). At PES it is tracked in SWIS (You need to see Lynette Rose for this data).
Where can I find an IEP?
You can now find this right in PowerSchool! Just go to the student and you will see an alert by his or her name. Click there and access the IEP. If you need the paper copy for some reason see the case manager. 

Where can I find 504?
See the student's case manager. You should receive a paper copy, but the case manager can help you out. 

I was told this student has an ASP (Academic Support Plan). Where is that?
The ASP would have been emailed to you. There is also a paper copy in Tobi Chassie's office. 

I was told this student has an BSP (Behavior Support Plan). Where is that?
The BSP should have been emailed to you. See a BCORE member if you need help.