Our Practice Areas

Procurement and Outsourcing Practices

Data Site's focus on Procurement and Outsourcing Practices has, over the years, generated considerable depth of understanding in information technology and telecommunications procurement models, supply-chain perspectives, and the generation of highly refined procurement documents.


Management Consulting Practices

Data Site's Management Consulting Practices enable our clients to define major new technology-driven initiatives, as well as their related strategic planning and enterprise architecture.


Applications Consulting Practices

Data Site's Application Consulting Practices support a vast array of communication system applications, from E-commerce, to call centers, to vertical-market production capabilities, and public-safety systems.


Infrastructure Consulting Practices

Data Site's Infrastructure Consulting Practices focus on the defining, procuring and implementation oversight of major communication systems.


Cyber-security Practices

Data Site's Cyber-security Practices focus on early identification of the meaningful trends in network and applications level security.