Welcome to Data Science at Olin College, Spring 2015.  In this class students work on a semester-long project with an external collaborator.  Our collaborators provide data and motivating questions.  The students learn and apply the tools of exploratory data analysis, including data validation, characterizing distributions, investigating relationships between variables, and regression modeling.  Some projects involve logistic regression, machine learning, time series analysis and survival analysis.  This semester most projects are related to health, medicine, and fitness.

Instructors: Allen Downey and Paul Ruvolo

Meetings: Tuesday & Friday 10:50am to 12:30pm, AC417.

Textbook:  We will the 2nd Edition of Think Stats, which I will make available on nb.  It is also available at a bookseller near you.

Mailing list: Sign up for the class mailing list.  You also might want to sign up for the Computer Science at Olin mailing list.

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