RAID recovery is one of the most difficult recoveries any hard drive recovery service can perform, and with Hard Drive Recovery Group, you're covered. With a wide variety of data recovery experience across the board, including backup tapes, laptops, smartphones, memory cards and others, it only makes sense that RAID repair would be our main focus. Businesses need their RAID servers to be running all of the time, and a multiple hard disk failure can all but destroy the parity in a RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 or 10 RAID array.

Our data recovery rate is above 95% for RAID data recovery, which is unprecedented in the industry. We cover all brands, including popular RAID servers such as Dell PowerEdge, IBM, HP ProLiant, Adaptec and many, many more. See why the experts choose Hard Drive Recovery Group for their RAID restoration and repairs.

When you need a RAID server recovered fast, call Hard Drive Recovery Group at (866) 341-4374

Your best choice when you need server recovery quickly and professionally.

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Raid 10 Data Recovery

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