How to Recover Images From Android Jelly Bean OS?

Android devices has captured the market since it has launched and it has already released different version of operating system such as gingerbread, ice-cream sandwich, jelly bean and it is looking forward to release kitkat version. Currently Jelly bean is the latest and the most famous version of Android OS and there are countless users using Android devices which have Jelly bean OS. As we know that Jelly Bean is the new and latest version and has come with new and improved features. You can find chrome browser, has high performance, and has 3D functions and supports great quality of videos and movies which make Android Jelly Bean a device of great application. Yet, Jelly bean is being the latest OS platform, users frequently faces data loss circumstances.

I have purchased Android Smartphone which has Jelly Bean operating system. I was using the phone for few weeks and have clicked large numbers of photos from it and have other important data such as documents, notes, files and other videos files and I was very happy with it. Few days back I was transferring images from my Smartphone to computer and in between power goes off and my computer system shut down abruptly. But when I view the image folder in my Android Smartphone there was no images in it but the folders is being used by 1.5 GB, I was shocked at that moment but later I realize that my android device has been corrupted. I also check my computer when power came but it has only few images which were transferred. I want to know how I could recover my lost images from Android jelly bean OS device.

If you are looking for recovering and restoring your lost images from your Jelly Bean OS device, then you have came to right place. You can still recover the lost images if you have not used your device further or clicked other images. But before that let us know more other circumstances where you could lose data from Android Jelly Bean OS.

Circumstances responsible for data loss from Android Jelly bean devices are:

  • Accidentally deletion of data by selecting “Delete All” operation
  • Intentionally deletion of data
  • Formatting your Android Jelly Bean device or restoring you device through restore factory setting will results in total data loss
  • Due to malfunction of your device’s operating system
  • Virus infection to your Android device may damage and corrupt your data, not allowing you to access it.
  • Power failure of computer system while transferring data from your Android Jelly bean device to Computer or vice-versa

Above mentioned reasons are basic and common which frequently experienced by Android users. Though there are many reasons behind data loss from your Android Jelly Bean device, but you can still recover them. If you have lost your photos from your Android Smartphones then you can go for Android Jelly Bean OS photo recovery tool which is famous by the name Android Data Recovery which can easily recover lost images from your Android device.


How to Recover Lost/Deleted Images From Android Jelly Bean OS?

Android Data Recovery software can recover and restore images from your Android Jelly Bean device as well as it can retrieve data like songs, videos, documents, application, notes, contacts, text messages and much more. It is powerful and specifically designed tool which scans your Android devices and retrieves all possible data from it. It can recover any photo file formats from your Android devices such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc. The software not only recovers data from Android Jelly Bean OS but also from other Android devices like gingerbread and Ice-cream sandwich. It can recover files from external as well as internal memory from your Android device. It can recover deleted data from various Android devices such as from Sony, LG, Nexus, Motorola, Micromax, HTC, Samsung and other Known Android devices.

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