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A hard drive failure will always be one of the most difficult circumstances for any computer user to deal with. It can Hard drive problems can be solved with clean room recovery mean stress, panic, and that feeling of not knowing whether or not all of your important data will ever return. Business documents, family photographs, accounting data – all are critical to our daily lives and when a mechanical hard drive crash makes those files inaccessible, it can be a truly brutal experience.

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But It Doesn’t Have To Be…

No matter what a computer repair shop or even a competing data recovery service may have told you, your hard drive is definitely recoverable, even if the circumstances surrounding the crash seem very difficult. No matter how extreme the cause of the data loss – be it minor mechanical failure all the way up to major water or fire damage – there is always a solution that will ensure your valuable data is retrieved safely and effectively.

The quicker you assess the problem, the more likely your data can be recovered. Click here for a free hard drive evaluation.

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Hard Drive Recovery Associates offers you a variety of data recovery solutions. We have made it our focus over the past 20 years to offer the quickest, most affordable hard disk recovery solutions in the industry. This means not only do we work to ensure your data is back in your hands as quickly as possible, but we do it with a simple guarantee: no data recovered, no charge. We can do this because over 95% of our customers leave happy, with 100% of their data retrieved.

Also, we never charge for a recovery diagnosis. Our 24 hour toll-free support line is always open to customers throughout the country to answer your specific hard drive questions, and our engineers are experienced with nearly every kind of data loss scenario – no matter how extreme your case may be – we have seen it before. And we can help you immediately.

Meanwhile, we have also offered specialized data recovery services to the Irvine, Santa Ana and the surrounding Orange County areas since we began. For businesses, this means immediate, free server pickup on RAID recovery and repair jobs. For consumers, this means a fully-equipped and appointed lab that is located directly off of the I-5. Plus, we are also just a call away.

Are The Odds In Your Favor?

One in eight drives we evaluate can be recovered with a free, simple fix. Get a free evaluation here. Or call us on the number above!

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