We do projects for public good that fall in three categories: world development, developing analysis tools to promote data science, and science and technology. These projects can improve standards of living, ecological sustainability, health, education, science and education around the globe. Some of the projects can fall under more than one categories. We invite people with requisite skills to join our efforts. There is no payment for collaboration as we do not intend to make any money from these efforts. Most of our projects are equal efforts of staff and external collaborators but some mostly crowdsourced, and some entirely staff run. We retain full rights to refuse any collaboration or offer to help our efforts, without providing explanation. Please understand that requirements for different projects are different. Qualifying for one project does not automatically qualify you for another. We do not appreciate parallel requests for more than one projects. We are thankful to everyone who shows interest in joining our collaborative effort and try to contact them individually. 

All successful projects manifest in commensurate intellectual credit and authorship on publications and information data-bases. In addition to experience and joy of working for a good cause, learning new methods, collaborators can expect authorship on publications, credit in non-financial forms, and documentation of their involvement. For initial enquiry, please email at collaborate@dataisnotjustdata.com. If you are selected, we would communicate through personal accounts of people involved afterwards. 

We are also looking for social media experts, animators, digital artists, advertisers, and media people who are interested in helping these public good causes to contact us and help the mission by joining the effort. Please feel free to write directly to our head, Dr. Sukant Khurana or to collaborate@dataisnotjustdata.com if you are from these fields. We are putting equal emphasis on awareness as we are on analyzing global problems and suggesting changes. For this we are writing books, articles and now gearing up to make video shorts of issues around us. We are happy to get as many talented people on board for this media outreach as possible. 

World development

Projects and collaborations range from primary collection of data, taking pre-existing official statistics, conventional data analysis, big-data projects, to developing novel tools to solve problems. Inputs to projects are required from economists, social scientists, concerned citizens, ecologists, engineers, policy makers and obviously data scientists. 

Developing Analysis Tools

Some problems, such as epilepsy and earthquake prediction can benefit from development of novel prediction tools that we are working to make available for free to public. 

Science and Technology

These projects are result of intersection of interest of data-scientists, and specialized scientists and engineers to work on cutting-edge scientific problems that require help of data-science or developing a technology to be made public for free.