Audio Transcription Services, Video Transcription Services, Conference Transcription Services

Transcription Services is a specific term that means turning various recorded speeches into well written form. Basically transcription is the conversion into written, typewritten or printed form. In simple words, something written particularly copied from one medium to another medium, as a full written copy of dictated matter is called transcription.

Depending on industry, companies, organization and the matter being transcribed, diverse transcription services are required now days.

Following are diverse types of transcription services:              

Medical transcription:

Medical transcription is known as MT and is referred by health care and medical industry. MT is a related to healthcare profession. Medical transcription deals in the process of converting voice recorded reports as dictated by physicians or medical professionals into different text format.

Legal transcription:

A legal transcription used to generate official transcripts of court hearings, depositions and other legal proceedings. A legal firms, stenotype and court reporter, voice and steno-mask writer required legal transcription services to transcribe spoken, recorded speeches into written form.

Audio transcription:

Process of transcribing audio files, speeches into readable text form is called audio transcription. For converting various digital audio files such as wav, mp3, mp4, au, magnetic tapes and cassettes, and translating audio speeches into word form audio transcription services is used.

Video transcription:

To transcribe VHS, DVD, .avi, .wmv files into desirable format video transcription services needed. For different kind of video, visual media, including but not limited to TV series, reality shows, motion pictures, music video, commercials, documentaries, corporate training video and educational materials video transcription is used.

Business transcription:

Business transcription services include but not limited to transcribe meetings, seminars, conferences, teleconferences, press conferences, focus groups, sales, annual general and shareholder board meetings, etc. into specified form.

Interview transcription:

It is a process of translating of interview recording into text, MS word and PDF format is called interview transcription. To transcribed diverse types of interviews into simple readable word form interview transcription services used.

At last, I like to say that transcription is a vital option and very useful services in this competitive market. Above different types of transcription services are helpful in growing your diverse businesses into this online global market.

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