Publications and Results
Released: July 27, 2017   

Table of Contents: 

Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 History of Library Collaborative Staffing

2.2 Current Support for Data Curation in Academic Libraries

3.0 Methodology

3.1 Baseline Assessment of Local Curation Services

3.2 Researcher Engagement Sessions

3.3 Data Curation Pilots

3.4 Surveying the Data Curation Community

3.5 Developing a Financial Model

3.6 Local Metrics Tracking

4.0 A Cross-Institutional Staffing Model for Curating Research Data

4.1 Benefits of Using the Network

4.2 Roles and Responsibilities

4.3 Tiers of Participation

4.4 Criteria for New Partners

4.5 DCN Submission Workflow

5.0 Implementing the Data Curation Network

5.1 Phased Implementation Plan

5.2 Sustainability Plan

5.3 Assessment Plan

6.0 Acknowledgements


Author Bios


A: Roles and Responsibilities of Key DCN Staff

B: Draft Memorandum of Understanding for Institutional Partners

C: Draft DCN Workflows for DCN Curators

D: Functional Requirements for the DCN Tracking Form