3.03. Sources

The definition of the source is necessary to establish communication with the relevant database. Information about every source definition is saved in the configuration file.
You can do the following actions related to sources:
  • add new source
  • modify existing source
  • remove existing source

Add new source

  1. Select File -> Add source from main menu.
  2. Set required fields:
    • Data source name - the name display in application tree,
    • Host name - ip address or server name,
    • Port - port number,
    • Database name - database schema name,
    • User name - the name of the database user,
    • Password - the user password.
  3. Click the Test connection button in order to verify inserted data.
  4. Click the OK button.
As the result. New node has been added into the configuration file.

Modify existing data source

  1. Select the data source on the application tree.
  2. Modify fields.
  3. Click the Apply button in order to save changes.

Remove existing source

  1. Select the data source on the application tree.
  2. From main menu select File->Remove source.
As the result. Xml node associated with the source has been removed from the configuration file. All data are still in the database and may be used by other users.

Changing data source during work 

When you change to another source, when you are working with databucket, it is recommended to use refresh button on selected source to see all changes