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Economics Job Market Rumors

posted Dec 23, 2011, 1:42 PM by Ellie Kesselman   [ updated Dec 27, 2011, 2:16 AM ]
This is an appalling example of web scraping. By me. It is the funniest thing I have seen in some time. Let's see if this works. Well, in all fairness, maybe some context would be helpful.

Backgrounder: Olaf Storbeck, Economics and Finance Journalist of Integrity

I am fond of economics journalist Olaf Storbeck of Handelsblatt (he is officially, the International Economics Correspondent with Handelsblatt, Germany's business daily, writing about economics research). Any references below are to his own blog, Economics Intelligence on Wordpress.  He has a genuine and sincere anti-plagiarism ethic. He is thorough. He knows how to do a little math and statistics. Equally relevant: He hasn't blocked me on Twitter like that wicked Nouriel!

Tangent time

Professor Nouriel Roubini, via Roubini tracking on Blogger:
an American professor of Economics at New York University`s Stern School of Business and chairman of Roubini Global Economics of New York University
who I actually like, and think is handsome and exciting. He KNOWS volatility! But there was this incident, I didn't know if he was Jewish or Moslem. I didn't say anything bad, obviously. I truly didn't know, and it wasn't like it would make a difference, not unless he were unmarried and considering new wives. (Just an aside) But somehow.... 

While on the subject of being persona non grata I might as well include the others: The equally wicked ZeroHedge. AND The Hacker News, who has not just hell-banned me, but also IP-banned me for good measure! I will be forever grateful to @3Creepio of Twitter for taking pity and telling me about the latter. Probably countless others at this point. 

Even Reddit NetSec (Reddit's Internet Security forum) deposited a comment on my Google Hobby blog, accusing me of surreptitious affiliation with the U.S. National Security Agency yesterday:

"Nice try, NSA!" 

Right. I only wish. I was quite pleased with the response I gave. See link above, for the curious. 

An End to Invective

Olaf Storbeck seems to be the closest thing to a trendsetter. Let me clarify: Certain trends, like the Benford's Law revivalism, which he wrote about, in general and in the context of the Greek credit crisis, in July 2011, months ahead of the herd. He also found various peer-reviewed and professional level economics research papers addressing the veracity, or lack thereof, of credit ratings agencies. He did not vilify the credit ratings agencies. It was a refreshing change of pace. 

Kid Dynamite and Olaf Storbeck both have my seal of approval, for market acumen and good sense.

Introducing The Economics Job Market Rumors Forum

So. Apparently there is an Economics Job Market Rumors (EJMR) forum that has gained some measure of notoriety of late. I was not familiar with such. Olaf Storbeck was. He re-printed (with scrupulously proper attribution and acknowledgement) an interview of the shadowy group representatives of said EJMR. Initially, I thought he conducted the interview himself. Now that would have been kind of cool! 

I read the interview, "Behind the Scenes of EJMR: An Interview with Kirk". I immediately hastened to visit the website of EJMR.

Piece de Resistance

The very first entry I found has been carefully hand scraped, by me, for your reading pleasure and showcased below. It is giggly material! The links work. Click on through to the ridiculously non-sequitor identification. Then consider a visit to the forum. See what other gems are to be found. But first, make sure to read Olaf Storbeck's backgrounder about the EJMR, just to get you in a suitable state of mind.

I kbow who Barbulis is aka fiekers guy aka fenance guy

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    The identity of fiekers guy has been revealed long ago:


A few more offerings from EJMR

Here is a sample, drawn non-randomly from the recent Economics Job Market Rumors board listings:
  • Economics is simply conservative propaganda
  • The economy is dead and never coming back
  • Who is getting layed for XXXmas?
  • Which schools/ positions have not called?
  • Kirk, PLEASE close the "Dalai Lama is an analytical Marxist" troll thread
  • Does research paper quality diminish over time?
  • Are you pro-life (good) or pro-abortion (no good)?
  • Why do we celebrate Christmas?
  • Transferring after the first year of phd?
  • Happy ending massage salons in Chicago
  • I was on TV. Should I put it on my CV?

Economics gossip wrap-up

Item One: How much is Nouriel Roubini offering to pay a Social Media personal assistant? 
Duties include manning the Twitter account. Maybe some light quantitative analysis too? Verbatim excerpt via

Economic Social Media Intern for Nouriel Roubini - Paid (New York)

"We are seeking strong candidates for an internship position focused on economics/finance/policy and social media. This person will be responsible for managing and editing the RGE Twitter publication process under the supervision of RGE Chairman, Nouriel Roubini.


  • Sourcing, analyzing, commenting on and posting macroeconomic/financial content via Twitter and other social media outlets
  • Identifying key economic events, releases, and data, alerting our clients and linking back to our content. Monitoring relevant 3rd party contributors and Twitter feeds for commenting and/or linking back to and or Tweeting the new daily content of and through the RGE Twitter account with appropriate language and structure
  • Working with/assisting Nouriel Roubini in social media
  • Researching opportunities of other social media outlets (Facebook, Google+, etc.) as necessary


  • BA in Economics, Political Science, or International Affairs, or extensive course work/employment in these or a related field (especially international macroeconomics and finance/markets). Enrollment in a Masters program is preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of current geostrategic and macroeconomic/financial debates relevant to economists, policy makers, and investment professionals
  • Strong English writing skills for both academic and lay audiences, with the ability to write in a snappy and concise manner. Well-developed sense of teamwork. Sophisticated knowledge of social media. Availability to work 4-6 hours a day for at least 5 days a week on a regular consistent daily schedule as real-time content creation is critical.

Compensation: $10/hour"

Emphasis mine. One wonders, strongly suspects, that Felix's new assistant is paid a higher wage than that by Reuters.

Item Two: Felix Salmon + Henry Blodget photo

Curious to see a photo with Felix Salmon and Henry Blodget together? Both appear to be seething, though not necessarily at each other.

Click on image to view in full-sized glory.