Here at "data95376" (county of San Joaquin Valley), we provide a path to get onto for an optimized "crash course" into getting and staying healthy, both physically and mentally, how to make money, getting the most out of sex (knowing how both male and females think and feel), political biases, your very important music-basis of knowledge and awarenesses, all presented in a repository filtered from after-the-fact "bashers" and charlatans. 

   Based on the foundations of standard found at this website, that standard of focus being found in the academia of Energy, Sound, Music, and Frequency Modulation, to name but a few of several, 
and also based on the included health pertinent announcement in regards to your health's safekeeping...
the Author has decided to put this YouTube Video "front and center" so as not to escape any one visitor's attention;

please imbibe

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    If you've found your way to
 our directory site, thank you and welcome. If you are using any sort of small screen devices such as a smart-phone, or small scre
en tablet, it may suffice for some of our information websites but it will definitely not be able to handle our site named... aptitude interlude, our quantum-leap research, and development work in the field of psychology and psychophysiology. Our aptitude interlude site is heavily populated with large and resource hungry images. That being said, try your smart-phone or small tablet to see for yourself, but the author strongly suggests that you use a large-screen powerful Internet access device.

    Our collection of websites (eight in total as of 07/15/2018) is designed as "self-help" suggestions based on many years of experience and abilities. We suggest that you start out by getting your physical-self looked after, we live in a very toxic world.

    Your number-one impediment to a life of physical health is metal toxicity from the air you breath and the food grown in the metal-saturated soil that you eat, so that is your first step of attention. Along with the metal toxicity is parasites, it's the metal toxicity that attracts the parasites so get the metal toxins out of your system first and then you'll destroy the parasite's environment.

   Next is your path to an optimum immune system, your body repairs itself with stem-cells, so get your stem-cell production up (blueberry extract and L-Carnosine (details provided later)) and then add to your supplement list from there.

   Once you've got your physical health in check, get your psychological framework addressed... that's where our site "aptitude interlude" comes into play, you should be refreshingly surprised with what we have to offer.

    If you need help learning how to make money or learning political and musical intelligence, that's what our other websites are for.

Suggested visitation sequence is in the following order;

1a. Our medical website is extremely extensive
and comprehensive especially in the area of
parasite and heavy metal detoxification.

1b. Our medical archive site addresses the physical realm, we have a site called "Frequency Mods" to address the spiritual realm as well. You'll find electronic frequency modulation used in our medical archive site to electronically destroy pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in our vital organs and bloodstream... we use frequency specific modulation to aid in optimizing your body's ability to function at its most accurate intracommunication levels.

2. Aptitude Interlude is by far the most advanced technology in the field of Psychophysiology (the mind-to-body), especially applicable in our modern-day world of religious, political, and lost gender identity.

3. Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, what you need to learn 
and the order in which
 to learn it.

4. Would you like to learn how to make money in the Stock Market and always profit whether the stocks go up, down, or sideways?

5. We're Conservative (Republican) by nature, so if you're a Democrat, this site isn't for you... by the way and FYI, America isn't a Democracy, it's a Republic.

6. I've got a recording studio with my emphasis on guitar, if you've got the similar interest you'll like it. While there check-out a virtually unknown guitarist names Prashant Aswani, a really-real musician.

7. A basic but complete CryptoCurrency toolset website