First International Workshop on Bringing the Value of "Big Data" to Users

September 1, 2014
Hangzhou, China
in conjunction with VLDB 2014


The trend of bigger and bigger data---in terms of volume, velocity, and variety---is inevitable. Ultimately, how "big data" will impact the broad population of users rests on what value we can bring to them. Historically, the database community has focused primarily on efficient processing of structured queries posed by expert users on pre-organized data. But this focus only addresses one of the many different challenges in bringing the value of big data to users. Besides making queries and analysis faster and more scalable, we must address the pain points before and after analytics---i.e., how to put together data from diverse sources and "wrangle" it into representations appropriate for analyses, and how to communicate results and insights effectively. To broaden the impact of big data, we must also move beyond our traditional notions of "users," such as programmers and analysts, to a much wider range of new user archetypes, such as non-expert users who want to "get something" from their data, or ordinary citizens who wish to play a more active role in understanding public data.

The main goals of the workshop are to help expand the scope of database research to encompass a more complete picture of how to deal with big data, and to promote new, alternative viewpoints on what the database community should work on, if it is to play a bigger role in bringing the benefits of big data to the public. The workshop is designed to bring together researchers with similar interests, foster discussion of work in progress, encourage ideas that are "off the beaten track," and engage non-traditional users of database research. Our emphasis is on the importance of usability to a wider range of user archetypes. Other communities are also actively studying usability issues in big data; we believe that it is high time for the database community to begin contributing its expertise and perspectives to this important problem.


We interpret "big data" broadly as data "too big for users." Areas of particular interest for the workshop encompass all aspects of dealing with big data, such as acquisition, cleansing, integration, "wrangling", access, querying, mining, statistical analysis, visualization, and storytelling with data. We call for research and experience papers as well as demonstration proposals covering these topics of interest. Papers describing systems, platforms, and applications with explicit foci on usability are especially welcome.


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