Locally-led watershed projects need to be able to demonstrate what the water quality data of their local area is in order to attract support. Being able to show people where the problems are in the watershed is an important tool for building public support. D2M is a custom Excel application in which users can overlay their sampling data on static maps and do preliminary assessment and analyses. The outputs can be printed directly from D2M or pasted into other applications (e.g., PowerPoint, MSWord) for outreach and reporting materials.

D2M requires a one-time set up for a given project (approximately 1-2 working days by an advanced Excel user). Because the set-up time is directly related to the number of sampling sites, D2M is best suited for projects with pre-determined and limited (less than 15) sampling locations. Once the application has been customized, a basic-level Excel user can maintain the application by simply pasting in the monitoring data. The data can then be queried by parameter and by year, and D2M will display the results as maps charts or numerical summaries.

There are two Versions one for Excel 2003 Users and the other for Excel 2007 users. If you have any difficulties in downloading the files or have any questions please send them to Cyd Curtis cyd.curtisbates@gmail.com.