Wumpus' Stars! stuff

  • AIs: Race details for the game's AI races.
  • Status of BattleSim Generator: When my home internet connection falls over or similar untoward things happend such that the battlesim generator is no longer accessible, I'll post here when I find out (assuming I'm able to get online to change the page of course...). 

My other stars! pages:

  • stars-util on sourceforge: News of the current goings on with my stars! file investigations and similar stuff.
  • Race checker:  Check and (if damaged) repair race files without needing to be able to open them.  Useful for playing hosts.
  • BattleSim Generator: Generates a modified battlesim test, with techs for all races set to those you specify, rather than the 26s across the board that the original battlesim gives you.

 "Captain, I think we found the enemy border."