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Indonesia Music Rock N Roll Life Presentation Scrolling from time to time here Offer Story and Meaning In the endless round of Regeneration

revolution the world from 1950 to 1970 experienced its peak period, where skill and improvisation has reached the threshold of fusion of the soul of art without limits of space and time in actualize notation, punch, rhythm and musical dynamics. The flow of all types of music in 70's it changed the shape metamorfosa which became the forerunner for next years 80,90,2000  music, it can not be deny because the subsequent development of experienced minimalist music simple alias or a re-count the bits. Except music jazz kind of music continues to grow by merging or start entering the field of ethnic areas in collaboration.

was the golden age of Rock music than the legendary until seconds and continues to remain Legend. Until now more than 30 years no one has been able to align themselves with a big band in the 70s, such as: Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Yes, Rush, The Doors, The Beattles, Grand Funk, James Gang, Motor Head, Iron Maiden, Kansas, The Cream, and many others, plus the underground group at the time Kin Pin Meh, Bagi , UFO, Status Quo and many others, arguably the UK experienced a golden age in the music industry so successfully raised the value of its currency, and due to policy British government to raise income taxes, then the group of bands are starting to move to America one by one, and consequently the power of music world maps began to move from English to American.
and make America the world's music industry power maps that automatically raise the value of American dollars

The question is now Regeneration What next?, Or you agree the 70's is the peak year in terms of musical skill and dedication kreativas and speed.Thank you for your time reading this article from friend to friends

Al Manar

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Soul n 'Art
Like a rolling life of the water flowing, always seeking a lower media
as a plot to go on the layout that has been destined for life and living. Likewise the ongoing life of human beings on this earth
Although sometimes there is out of the corridor and be successful, in fact it is also a path already set up a personal life journey because the principle of water it will flow faster at the time was in the container decreased. That's what's in this world nothing is coincidence but it is completely specified Fate of the Earth.
Likewise, called LIFE, life will be more intelligent and agile while on the decline especially in the media without being accompanied deterrence-deterrence that are refused or did not fit. For that soul will easily flow at the time he entered into a series of notation, rhytme, patront, pattern, which corresponds to the desire of the soul.
Giving rise to a rhythm of movement, then intlektualitas reasonable work by itself, there arose the so-called Improvisiasi.
Soul journey is a journey just as free flowing water, if there is something for gravel only, the way people will stop for a moment,
and follow the theoretical pattern, in conditions like this art began to fade and lose flavor.
Universal will sentence was emasculated by itself.
Art is the soul that is free within the framework that supported his desire Theory, Practice, Intlektual, and Improvisation established.

Thank you for all time reading this artical  

M Dasril Tanjung Al-Manar
Dass Al-Manar

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