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 Upcoming 2013 Shows

Halloween Funkfest 

The Grog in Newburyport

Saturday, October 26th, 2013


See You There!  

----------------------Past Shows----------------------

Benefit for Seacoast Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Friday, October 18


Harvest Festival with our friends, Buffalo Tom with over 1,700 of our friends and neighbors

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

 Music Festival 2013


Das Pintos play out of town @

Beatniks in Worcester 

September 14th, 2013

Saturday, June 8th, 2013
The Grog
Newburyport, MA
October 6, 2012
Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm
Newbury, MA
newburyport nef fall music festival das pintos
May 12, 2012
The Grog
Newburyport, MA
9:00pm to midnight
Das Pintos - Newburyport Funk Band - At The Grog
September 22, 2012
The Grog
Newburyport, MA
9:00pm to midnight

----------------------2011 Shows - Recap----------------------

September 24, 2011
Michael's Harborside
Newburyport, MA
8:00pm to 11:00pm

August 28, 2011
Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm
Newbury, MA

Sponsored by Mercury Brewing


May 7, 2011
Bleacher Bar, Fenway Park
Lansdowne Street - Boston MA
Sponsored by Samuel Adams


----------------------2010 Shows - Recap----------------------

November 20, 2010
The Grog, Newburyport MA
"This show was so sweet, I coulda eaten it".  -Superfan Shikes
September 18, 2010
The Grog, Newburyport MA
June 30, 2010
On the Helicopter Landing Pad of the U.S.S. Hawes
Charlestown Navy Yard, Charlestown, MA
In Conjunction With Boston's 6th Annual Navy Week
"Hey. did you know that there's a guy holding a HUGE machine gun behind your drummer?" -Superfan Hammel
Pics from this show:
Reception to support 
Gold Star Mothers and the Wounded Warrior Project.
May 8, 2010
The Grog, Newburyport MA
Das Pintos hosted a “Funk For The Family” benefit concert Saturday, May 8th 9:00pm at the Grog in Newburyport, MA to benefit the Johns family – an Exeter, NH family overcoming tragedy caused by a recent car accident. We greatly appreciated outpouring of community support as Das Pintos raised money to assist the Johns’ 13-year-old daughter’s ongoing rehabilitation costs as she continues to take very encouraging steps in her long-term recovery.
Pics from this show:   

Video clip from the May 8, 2010 Funkraiser; with special guests
Adam Terrell (Assembly of Dust) and Derek Smith (Rugby Road): 
Sketch from the May 8, 2010 Funkraiser:


March 6th, 2010

The Grog in Newburyport

----------------------2009 Shows - Recap----------------------


Oct 31st (Big Halloween Bash),

The Grog, Newburyport


May 29th - Funk the Farm Benefit
Upstairs at the Mission Oak Grill, Newburyport



April 25th
The Grog, Newburyport, MA


  February 13th - Valentines Day Show

The Grog, Newburyport, MA



----------------------2008 Shows - Recap----------------------

Saturday, November 15th, 2008, 

9 p.m.

The Grog 


...In these uncertain times of politics and recession, you know you need a funky session--a life lesson--no need to be stressin..about your must-funk protection.
Come out to the Grog, and shake your bootay, you arms around your favorite cute-ay,
you gonna move 'til your body says this:
"I only need Das Pintos to get me through d'is economic crisis!" 
Shake your candy from your hallowed cauldron;
punch your chad from your ballot fo'gotten;
Fall funk with Das Pintos is for your all ages--
better than bouncing in the fall foli-ages--
dance by the stage like you're in some cages--
not ready yet? You can do it in stages. 
We're not congressman and you ain't our pages. 
We just want you have a blast and get spend-y
while you are accepting the new presid-ency.
Come and funk-out to tunes you n' yo' arse are into
We'll do our best to make you a-honorary Das Pinto!


 November 14th feature in The Newburyport Current


Das Pintos in the News--Recently members of Das Pintos sat down with a reporter from the friendly paper, The Current.

Newburyport -  They don't play out much, maybe once or twice a year, and every show pretty much sells out, but, really, Das Pintos inhabit a welcomed ‑ and self-imposed ‑ musical obscurity.

"We're like the Residents, I guess," says Ken Okaya, the self-described frustrated half-Japanese punk bassist, referring to the San Francisco art-music collective whose members have performed in giant eyeball masks through their three-decade career.

Well, that's one way to put it. Here's another:

"We're the Beastie Boys of Newburyport," says vocalist Chris Webb.

No, no, no. 

Not in any language, musical or otherwise, would there be any confusion about that ‑ and language is something die jungen/the muchachos in Das Pintos, as the band's half-German, half-Spanish name indicates, like to play around with.

No, Webb is making a joke about his urban-chic sportswear, which, given a couple extra-large medallions, might look hip-hop. After the interview, the singer is taking off for a regularly scheduled Monday night game of hoops.

No, these guys have nothing to do with the Beastie Boys, except, perhaps, age: The Beasties are getting up there ‑ and so are the Pintos. The average age of the musicians is 40.

The band, which plays this weekend at the Grog, is an old-school funk band ‑ or, as Das Pintos guitarist Doug Hemlepp would have it ‑ a German Spanish Newburyport funk revue.

"As you can probably tell," says Hemlepp, "we don't take ourselves too seriously."

"We take the music seriously," says Webb, "but not ourselves."


Dad rock? Rock it, Daddio

What's it all about?

This is Dad Rock ‑ a band of, well, let's say seasoned professional family men who are inspired to play together and somehow make it work with their work, family and other obligations.

With the exception of Tom Maginnis, who plays guitar in Das Pintos ‑ and is a founding member of and plays drums for the legendary '80s indie band Buffalo Tom ‑ these are guys who played in bands back in the day. They fell into a more responsible life as parents, "but never sold our instruments," says saxophonist and flautist Tim Sturgeon. "It's way different from when we were kids and there's a glimmer of hope you might make some money."

These are guys with history ‑ and with a love for great music, performance and social action. They met at the former Rosie O'Shea's a couple of years ago. Their first gig was the "Dads for Darfur" fundraiser in spring 2007. Since then, the band has been back a number of times, playing shows for the Newburyport Mothers Club and the Newburyport Educational Fund. This weekend, they're just playing for fun.

The name, if you want to take the band members at their word ‑ a doubtful proposition, at best ‑ came out of nowhere, like the band ‑ or so the story goes. They decided to get together and play, then to play out. When they lined up a gig at the Grog, they couldn't answer a basic question: What's the name of the band? Ah, details.

So Okaya "totally choked ... and came up with the name Das Pintos," says drummer (and marathon man) Dave Vye ‑ a name that was "just ridiculous enough to work," says Webb.

And what do you get during a night out with Das Pintos ‑ a name that a close reading of Spanish might conflict with the band's uber German-Spanish catch phrase: "Wir sind mas macho" or "We are the most macho." Think pinto beans. The music is not just one style ‑ like oldies, disco, classic rock or funk, but it is about one thing: getting people away from their tables and on the dance floor.

"The idea is to get the ladies dancing," says Webb, who adds he will do anything ‑ "dancing around, pouring beer over my head and generally acting like a bub" ‑ to make that happen. "The ladies start feeling sorry for me, and they start dancing, dragging the guys with them."

Does he really pour beer over his head?

"Yeah, when he misses his mouth," says Vye.

Think B-sides and British pop, stuff you kind of remember from the fog of your musical history, but can't place ‑ "music that's in your DNA," says Hemlepp. 

Think Gorillaz, think Stevie Wonder. Think "Africa" by the Meters, a tune that was famously covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who called it "Hollywood." ("We're going to call it 'Haverhill,' says Sturgeon.) The key is drawing on nearly a half-century of dance music and bouncing from artist to artist.

"It's 'no' to "Play that Funky Music, White Boy," and 'yes' to 'Sex Machine,'" says Sturgeon.

In the end, the performance is not about egos; it's not about the band at all. It's about the audience.

"It's never been about us," says Hemlepp. "This is the longest we've ever talked about us, about the band."

"The audience drives the band," says Webb. "It's how deep we can get into the music."




Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Newburyport Mother's Club 

* Private Party *

That's to everyone especially the Litles for hosting a fantastic event!  We hope a great time was had by all!



Thanks for packin' the place and coming out to support Newburyport Schools!  See you when the kiddies go back to school! Have great and safe summer!

Friday, May 16th, 2008, 9 pm, The Grog (Newburyport)- A Funkraser for the Newburyport Education Foundation



Saturday, March 22,2008, 9 pm, The Grog (Newburyport)

Hallo Amigos!

Hope you're having a great 2008! 

Mark your calendars! Book those sitters!  Cash in those favors and guilt trip your non-funky friends. 

Das Pintos are playing another exciting show at  

The Grog in Newburyport on

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

9 pm to  Midnight

Let's get Winter da funk out.

Time to thaw out your booty and get ready to come do some groovin' and shakin' to the Eclecticfunkalicious, Burrrrazen, time outtta season, Dads need no reason to make it pleasin' down on yo' kneezin', it's yo' door put yo' keys in, come on in, it's freezin', no need to be wheezin, move yo' body like you got bees in, join us and our legion....you won't wanna to say Auf Wiedersehen!

See you then!

Peace and Love,

Doug, Tom, Ken, Tim, Dave, and Chris

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Thanks again to all of the folks that came out to our show and to The Grog for hosting it.  We had a blast and we hope you did too!  See you again in 2008!