Hello my name is Dash Lindsell and my portfolio is going to be the most exciting thing you've seen today! As a senior Advertising Major at the University of San Francisco, I hope to create some amazing apps that are fun and easy to use. As a member of the USF Mens Golf team and the Olympic Club, I hope to incorporate my love for sports into my applications. I have absolutely no experience with this subject matter; however, the syllabus says that I don't need any. All of the applications I will be designing are made possible through the creative use of App Inventor. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my creations. 


My Top 4 Favorite Apps

I Love You App
Created by Dash Lindsell
This app allows the user to set up a fixed response for when a loved one texts you. You can choose anyone from your contacts and set a customized love message response every time they text you.



Paint Pot
Created by Dash Lindsell
    Paint pot is a fun app that allows the user to kill some time by painting a picture on a canvas with various colors. The user can also take a snapshot with their camera and doodle over the image with the selection of paints. If the user does not want to use the small or large the dot size, they can change the size in a textbox.


Tiger Woods Shooter Game
Created by Dash Lindsell
Try to get Tiger Woods to hit golf balls into his ex wife in this fun shooter game. Every time you hit the target on this driving range you get a point. See how many points you can rack up while you are bored.

Created by Dash Lindsell & Taylor Travis
T-For-Me is an app in which users can select a t-shirt style and color ex. short/red. They are then able to customize the t-shirt on a template by uploading and image from their android device as well as having the option to draw on it. We have partnered up with Access Uniforms to develop this app and have them make your t-shirt design become a reality at their warehouse. Visit www.accessuniforms.com for more information.