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Last Update: 5.15.07




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Many of these programs require you to app-unlock your phone. Use one of the registry editors listed under "Modding" to change this value:

HKLM>Security>Policies>Policies  value = 0000101B   DWORD = 1


Install .NET Compact Framework 2.0

This is required for some newer programs to work.



New - Playlist Manager SP

Create playlists for Windows Media Player right from your phone

TCPMP Audio/Video Player

The most universal player for smartphones

Pocket Divx Encoder

Use with TCPMP to encode video files

Flash Lite

Flash player for your smartphone


Direct all audio to your bluetooth headset


PHM Registry Editor

Registry editing program


A great Registry Editor, Text Editor and File Explorer


Clean Invalid registry entries, Invalid registry values, Temporary and Cache folders, Temporary and Junk Files, Bad Shortcuts, Notification Queue. Also Free up RAM and much more


Changes the JogBar from a volume control to a scroll bar. Can also change what apps are opened by double tapping the top or bottom of the JogBar 


New - DialPad

Make your dial pad Alpha Numeric

New - SnoozeAlarm

The best freeware alarm. Easy to use and much better than the WM5 alarm

Auto Keylock 

Set it to auto lock your keypad just like Nokia's have


By far one of the best freeware programs for the Dash. It disables the constant status light and flashes it when you have a new message, email, missed call, etc. It also can play a sound and vibrate at set intervals to remind you of previously listed


Awesome weather application

Windows Live Search

Directions, mapping, business directory

Interface Changes 

New - ToggleView

Changes your Start menu from icons to list and vice-versa

New -TxtMan

Threaded texting just like a Blackberry or Palm

Vista Interface

Make your home screen have a Vista like look to it 


Turns you plain old start menu into a cascading menu style


Great program for easily changing the start bar colors on the home screen

New - Nine Hole 3D Golf

 A challenging 3D game


Only working NES emulator for the Dash but a very good one. 


Required to use PocketNester

Smoresoft Sudoku

Extra puzzle packs:

Very Easy,Easy,Moderate,Difficult,Fiendish



Copy and paste feature for smartphones. Something that should have come built in.

Vieka WordPad

Just like Wordpad for Windows

Using the web with just the $5.99 plan

Credit for the below information goes to the members of Howardforums.com

  Unlimited internet with the $5.99 T-MobileWeb service
The $29.99/month T-Mobile Total Internet package is not required to have unlimited internet access on the Dash, instead the $5.99 T-MobileWeb service is all you need. Note the following limitations to the T-MobileWeb internet service:

1. The internet applications on your device will need to have an option to specify a connection to a proxy server, if it doesn't have this option then the application most likely will not be able to access the internet.

2. The following applications will not work over T-MobileWeb: MSN Messenger, Agile Messenger (without the proxy option), some streaming media, Hotmail, Pocket MSN, and Java applications.

To setup the internet connection over T-MobileWeb follow these instructions:

1. Add the $5.99 T-MobileWeb service to your current voice plan (it may take up to 72 hours to activate, but typically takes less than 24 hours).

2. Follow the below instructions to setup the Dash:

1. Add the T-MobileWeb (T-Zones) Proxy Connection
Start Menu -> Settings -> Connections -> Proxy -> Menu -> Add

Description: T-Zones Proxy
Connects from: Wap Network
Connects to: The Internet
Proxy (name : port):
Type: HTTP
User name: <blank>
Password: <blank>

Press Done.

2. Configure the Existing Data Connection
Start Menu -> Settings -> Connections -> GPRS -> T-Mobile Data -> Menu -> Edit

Connects to: WAP Network
Access point: wap.voicestream.com
User name: <blank>
Password: <blank>
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IP address: <blank>

Press Done.

3. Configure Pocket Internet Explorer
Start Menu -> Internet Explorer -> Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Connections

Uncheck "Automatically detect settings".
Select Network: The Internet (Must be set to "The Internet" to work over WiFi. Try "WAP Network" if you're having trouble over the EDGE/GPRS connection)

Press Done.

4. Configure Messaging (follow these steps for POP or IMAP email accounts that have been manually setup)
Start Menu -> Messaging -> Highlight your email account -> Menu -> Settings -> Press Next twice

Select Network: WAP Network

Press Next three times then Finish.


The following applies to email on WM6:

In Settings/Connections/GPRS/T-Mobile Data: Tmobile Data
Connects to: Wap Network
Access Point: wap.voicestream.com

AND add another GPRS option:

T-Mobile Data2
Connects to: Work
Access Point: wap.voicestream.com

Then create TWO Proxies:

First Proxy:
Name:Tzones Proxy
Connects from: WAP Network
Connects to: The Internet
Type: HTTP

Second Proxy:
Name Tzones Proxy2
Connects from: Work
Connects to: The Internet
Type: HTTP

In connections, click menu, then advance and set ALL connections to AUTOMATIC

To get the Exchange Server working:
(Exchange Server settings)
Connection: Internet

To get Pop mail accounts working:
(This will need to be done for each account you have)

Options/Account settings/Advanced Server Settings
Network Connection: Work
NOTE! The option to select which way to connect isnt available until you finish creating the POP account (go back in and change to: Work)

To get IE working:
(In IE)Menu/Tools/Options/Connections
Check "Automatically Detect Settings"
Select Network: WAP Network