Couples, Relationships and Families

Most couples experience difficulties in their relationship at some time and this can be the source of tremendous stress and distress. Getting some help through the bumpy patches can help you have a more healthy and supportive relationship.

Being in relationship brings up many unresolved difficulties, pain and trauma from the past. This can be hard to see when you are focussed on the pain and frustration experienced while in relationship with this current partner. However, this pain comes from the workings of the emotional brain, which has no concept of time. Everything is experienced as if the cause is all happening now. A disproportionate reaction to a trigger is the clue, but even this can be hard to spot without professional help.

Couples often get caught up in destructive patterns and it is important to seek help as early as possible. 

The aim is to create a conscious marriage in which you are able to help and depend on each other. Mutual dependency is now viewed as the healthy goal.