About Me

 I originally trained as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist with CCPE in London, graduating in 1997. This training provided an integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy, drawing on a rich variety of theories and techniques from the various schools of psychology. This allows therapy to be created anew for every client. I incorporate Mindfulness into my work so that the focus is very much on present moment experience of the problem. I find that people come to see me because of what is happening in their lives now, not because of some past event.

My interest in Mindfulness lead me to Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy which is also present moment focussed. ISTDP is an accelerated form of therapy which effects deep and lasting change. ISTDP is the practical application of cutting edge neuroscience research findings. I am a life long learner and really enjoy staying abreast of the latest research in my field.

Living and working in both London and Italy stimulated my interest in both culture and change. My MA dissertation entitled "Homecoming in a foreign land" provided the research vehicle to explore the psychological implications of each. This work provides a useful perspective when working with clients who live between cultures, including the "Third Culture Kids" who grow up in this way.


I have an MA in Psychotherapy and Post Grad Diplomas in both Counselling/Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy

I am registered with UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and am a member of both the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy  and the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education colleges. I abide by the code of ethics of the UKCP.