monster-cam: the narrative 

journal entry: november 14, 2011

it seems that everything they had warned us about was true.  the mayan calendar prophecies were exact.  the new-agers were the only ones that had any true sense of what exactly was going to happen.  when the oracles went quiet at y2k we should have taken it as a dire warning.   three days ago, on 11-11-2011 the photon belt from deep space penetrated the earth's atmosphere and all of our most advanced technologies could not prepare us for the changes.  the soviets were the first to react.  we all went on in blind, blissfullness about our merry ways creating and spending as if tomorrow we were going to die.  we didn't believe that though.  we thought we would control this planet forever.  but now it is melting around us.

san francisco was hit bad. just like after the great earthquake of 1906 the survivors are scurrying to the eastern hills to escape the destruction, and the fallout.  i wish i had bought that property in mendocino county back in the 70's when it was offered to me so cheaply.  we would be safe from this evacuation madness there.

well i don't know how long the electricity will remain on today and this may be my last chance to make any sort of documentation that i can upload to skynet.

 the following images were taken with my nokia 9902 and transmitted to my skynet account instantly. 

 reviewing these images it is apparent that the either the massive increase of photon energy in our atmosphere or the fallout from the nuclear exchange with the soviets has severely interrupted all forms of electronic communication.  seen here, i am driving into town to see if there is anywhere to get food or water.  the sky is abnormally bright, even at 3am and the streets are empty, except for the casualties.


i drove my vehicle right inside the front warehouse door of the danville costco. there must have been a crew working, or someone else had already broken in.

strangely enough it looked like a lot of the goods had not been touched yet.  i think maybe people have been afraid to go out of their homes.  the important thing now is to find the cold locker and see if there is any uncontaminated fresh food.

i've filled my basket with some favorites; coffee, sugar, tinned meats, fruit preserves... funny how even 5 years ago this was practically a luxury market where they had fresh meat and fish for sale.  on checking the results of the immediate uploads of these photos to my skynet-com i can see that it is most likely the interference is coming from the over-saturation of photons in the atmosphere and not a hardware malfunction.  it is so quiet in here...

3:45am now and i'm starting to feel groggy.  there is nothing we can wear to protect ourselves from photon saturation but the mixture with the trace elements of nuclear fallout from the SF explosion, who knows what that is doing to us.  i can't seem to remember my way around this place.

now my own vision seems to be blurring. head is aching... the bottled water, it must be around here somewhere... water had become one of our costliest commodities around 2008-2009 after the terrorist strikes but they still sold it here. the last price per gallon i paid was $24.99 i think, just last week.

i can hear someone, or something... and some mechanical clicking.  i'm just going to peek around this corner and see what it is because it is sort of freaking me out.

oh damn, it is just the robotron-server at the food court, still pouring cups of Coca-Cola.  if i had a gun i'd put a bullet in that thing.  worse idea anyone ever had making those things.  they were so zombie-like, even in their design.  the kids loved them though because you could call them names and they would just smile back.  ok, stay on course here... where is that cold-storage locker!

aha, there it is.  if i only have strength left to load the cart and get back to the jeep.  well, that is if there is either anything left and if the irradiation seals had not been tampered with.  i'm so weak, and the others were so depending on me to get real fruit for the children.

noo, it's all gone, ruined.  it's like they warned.  the brilliance of the increased photon energy would penetrate our storage areas and instantly rot any freshly picked fruits and vegetables.  i don't know what we can do now.  between no longer having fresh food to thrive upon and the nuclear fallout we can't be expected to survive very long.  i'm going to take what i have and get back to the condo to tell the others.

ok, this is my final transmission for this journal entry.  all future journaling may have to be handwritten.  i am glad for all the years that i have amassed discounted paper supplies before the final world-wide ban on tree cutting occurred last year and prices of stationary soared. everyone figured we had reached the "paperless age" anyway.  ok, must concentrate...  getting difficult to breath...