Lomographic Society Film Specials / May 16,2007

I think these adds that the Lomo-Society sends out to advertise their film sales are just so awesome! 

6 ways to feed your addiction to analog
Our Film Microsite is loaded with amazing emulsions and crucial info
Incredible Black and White films from Rollei and Lucky are here!
Fuji Tungsten film is almost too dope to be true
Command all manner of amazing reflective light effects with the 5-in-1 reflecter
Mount your camera on nearly anything with the Gorillapod

dont feel ashamed
We know what its like – to sit in bed, staring at the wall and unable to sleep – with incessant thoughts of “36 exposures,” “C41 processing,” and “uncut negatives” flying through your head. My friend, you’re not alone – and we can all take comfort in our shared feelings of hopeless devotion to the sheer chemical magic of analog film. And rather than hiding your feelings away – we heartily invite you to celebrate them, and fly that flag up high! To help you along, here’s five “fixes” to keep your blood flowing, your shutter firing, and your eyes freaking the hell out!

your lomography film microsite
With all of the rare, deadstock, and patently insane films that we’ve been sourcing, things are getting a little confusing – even for us. We’ve decided to kill all of that noise and present our full collection in a joyful-to-read and easy-to-inhale microsite. Have a look and browse though our many film offerings with total ease and a whole lotta enjoyment. We’ll be there to welcome you at the door.

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rollei black and white films
Here’s a few rare gems endorsed by one of the world’s most legendary camera brands. These very special films are designed to give the sharp tones and punchy contrast of classic black and white photography. And believe us, the Rollei people know a thing or two about this! Load up a roll, and inject a little "Helmut Newton-style" monochrome into your life. Four varieties are available:

Rollei 100/36 (35mm)
Rollei 400/36 (35mm)
Rollei 100 (120)
Rollei 400 (120)
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lucky black and white film
A seriously rare and unique Chinese black and white film that has to be seen to be believed. Lucky is famous around the world for its cheap-yet-bizarre appeal, and this contrasty emulsion (famous for its slightly over-strong highlights) is the perfect match for the Holga’s equally off-kilter optics. This film is out of production and stock is limited, so get yours right away!

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Tungsten film is designed to make the yellow light from a typical light bulb look white. Therefore, it has a strong blue cast (thereby canceling out the yellow). Fashion photos know that shooting Tungsten film during the daylight will give a moody and awesome blue tone to your whole image. And using a yellow flash will create a natural-white subject in this bizarre bluesy world. It’s AMAZING! It’s usually quite expensive, but this short-dated special-purchase film is available to you at a slamming low price.

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the 5 in 1 portable reflector

Designed by our good friends at Seagull, this little round dynamo folds from a tiny 8” diameter to a full 24”. By using it’s built-in cover, you can select from five different surfaces – with each one reflecting light onto your subject in a different way:

Super lightweight and quite portable, this little guy can travel everywhere with you and is a great way to toss slightly hyper-realistic light onto your favorite person, animal, or object.

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the gorillapod flexible tripods
the mighty gorillapod Shooting the most impossible shots from the most impossible of angles is a solemn calling for every Lomographer – and these little guys make it easier than ever. Made in lightweight ABS plastic, they can squeeze-in, tie-up, wrap-around, and clench onto all kinds of branches, poles, fences, and you-name-it. Once mounted, your camera is ready to fire shake-free long exposures in low light – which are always a delight. Choose between the small Lomo size or the large Holga/SLR size.

the mighty gorillapod
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