Aerial Art

And other geeky things

Sorry for the buggered up layout, Google just moved my web site around and the formatting is a bit off.  I hope to have it fixed as soon as I get the time too.

I'm starting to upload photos to

Hi, Welcome to my web site. It's not that great yet, but I hope to build on it a bit more as time permits.

Let me give you a quick introduction to myself. My name is Darryl Waters, and I live in Zeeland, Michigan. I'm a computer geek by trade, and I make and fly kites as a hobby. Here, you can find some examples of my work, and some of the large show kites I like to fly.

Hardwing kite given to me as a gift by a master kite maker at the World Kite Museum in Weifang, China.

I also roast coffee, and like to tinker with stuff. Usually that means taking stuff apart to see how it works, and then never getting around to putting it back together. But I've built my own coffee roaster, and it works quite well.

If you want to get a hold of me, your best bet is to reach me at