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Class Information

We have a class fee of $20.00, in cash or personal check payable to "Dartmouth Tae Kwon Do". All fees must be handed to the club treasurer.

Additionally, all members of any club sport must fill out a personal injury waiver form prior to working out. We are always extra careful in making sure nobody gets hurt in class, but in the event that someone does get injured or needs to ice something down, see the Athletic Department policy link at: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~sportmed/clubsports.html

Other fees incurred, upon your decision, include testing fees, sparring equipment/protection, and various forms of team memorabilia, such as jackets and sweatshirts. Belt tests are $25 and are collected prior to testing. Speak to club officers if you are interested in purchasing uniforms or gear. If you plan on competing or continuing with taekwondo seriously, we highly encourage you to purchase your own sparring equipment.


Fall '11, Winter '12, Spring '12

President: Kyle Konrad

Class: 2012


Vice President: Juliana Park 

Class: 2014


Treasurer: Ben Turner

Class: 2013



Dartmouth Tae Kwon Do: History and Constitution

Dartmouth Tae Kwon Do is a student-run organization that was founded in 1984 by two brothers and their friends: Master Sung Chul Whang, Jun Chul Whang, and Javier Arizmendi, a former member of the Mexican National Team. This group of Dartmouth alumni had previous Tae Kwon Do training when they enrolled at Dartmouth. They joined the only existing martial arts club at Dartmouth--the Shotokan Karate Club, under the instruction of Master Kazumi Tabata (Boston). As students started to lead classes that Master Tabata was unavailable to instruct, the club started to change from Karate to Tae Kwon Do. This led to their founding of the Ivy-New England Collegiate Tae Kwon Do League (INCTL) and Dartmouth's first trip in 1983 to compete in Yale and Princeton. The hiring of Master Jong Soo Lee from Concord, NH in 1984 completed the change to Tae Kwon Do. In 2002, Dartmouth Tae Kwon Do became affiliated with the Blue Wave Association through new instructors, Master Linda Smith-Blais, and Master Jean Del Porte.

Presently, Dartmouth TKD practices the official South Korean and now Olympic (IOC) recognized form of Tae Kwon Do, the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) style, employing full contact and "modern training methods".

Please see our Constitution for details on how the club is run, the duties of the officers, etc.


Lisa Fearon interviewed one of the cofounders of the club in Sept 2003:

Master Whang Interview


Our classes are instructed by Master Linda Smith-Blais and Master Jean Del Porte. Both instructors train with the Blue Wave Association based out of Vermont, founded in 1969 by Grandmaster Bruce V. Twing. They teach Tuesday and Thursday class.

Master Blais is the 2nd Vice President of the Blue Wave Association as currently holds the Kukkiwon certified rank of 6th dan. She began her Taekwondo training in 1979 with Grandmaster Bruce V. Twing. She owned and operated the West Lebanon dojang for 8 years before turning it over to one of her students. She now serves as Master Instructor of this location, as well as instructor at Dartmouth. A former regional and national level medalist, Master Blais is instrumental in the development of the Blue Wave association. Her most recent project was the Black Belt goal sheets which serve as a guideline for rank promotion requirements.

Master Jean Del Porte currently holds the Kukkiwon certified rank of 5th dan. Jean Del Porte also began her Taekwondo training in1979 with Master Chung K. Ma, in Wappingers Falls, NY and received her 1st dan in November 1982. Master Del Porte trained and assisted in teaching classes at Chung Ma's until 1985 where she competed in local, state and two National competitions in both poomsae and sparring. From 1989 to 1994, Master Del Porte was a student of Grand Master Dan K. Choi and assisted in teaching at Choi's Taekwondo in Mesa, AZ. During this time, she performed in many demonstrations and community events. In 1994, Master Del Porte joined the Lebanon Blue Wave in Lebanon, NH and became a student of Master Linda Smith-Blais. In addition to instructing at Lebanon and Dartmouth, she also teaches HASP (Hanover After School Program) Taekwondo classes. In the last two years, she has taught at the Mount Ascutney School in Windsor, VT.

The information above was taken with the permission of the instructors from the Blue Wave website. To learn more about the Blue Wave TaeKwonDo Association, feel free to visit their webpage: http://www.bluewavetkd.com

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