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Over the course of our 10-week terms, our instructors hold in house testings at Dartmouth for those students who are qualified. In general, you must train three months in between testings, with the exception of white belt (10th gup) to yellow stripe (9th gup), which occurs for beginners halfway through their first term of training. After attaining the rank of red belt, you must train six months before you test for high red (1st gup), followed by another six months before recommended black. Although a black belt may seem like a long way away, if you begin studying taekwondo at the beginning of your freshman year and you train seriously, you could earn your black belt before graduation.

Master Blais and Master Del Porte conduct the testings using their Association's system. Goal sheets will be provided, outlining the information you must learn for your next test. To obtain your own copy of your goal sheets, visit the blue wave website: http://www.bluewavetkd.com and click on the testing link. You will be tested on basics (such as kicks or hand techniques appropriate to your level), forms or poomsae, one-steps, sparring (after green belt), self defense (after blue belt), and verbal information. Many people neglect the verbal information, but it's really quite important that one masters such information as it provides for a deeper understanding of taekwondo itself. If you have any questions about testing, do not hesitate to ask one of the officers or one of the instructors. We're here to help! 

All relevant information for testing can be found at the following Blue Wave pages:

Blue Wave Testing Page (comprehensive list of testing materials - goal sheets, kibon documentation, testing requirements, etc.) 

Blue Wave Testing Goal Sheets

Blue Wave Kibon Documentation 

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