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TKD Organizations:

Blue Wave Association

Blue Wave TaeKwonDo Blog

World TaeKwonDo Federation

Kukkiwon Headquarters

U.S. TaeKwonDo Union

International TaeKwonDo Federation

West Side Taekwondo 

Useful TKD information:

The (Shamelessly) Unofficial Taekwondo Resource
(Step by step instructions for TKD patterns as well as a myriad of other information)

Taekwondo Tutor
( History, theory, useful links, pattern descriptions, different styles discussed)

North Austin Tae Kwon Do
( Video clips, history, and detailed descriptions of TKD forms)

TKD Central - Taeguek Poomse
(Two sets of poomse video clips plus step by step graphics and descriptions)

Blue Wave - Kibon Exercises
(Step by step instructions, pictures, and videos for each kibon)

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