Project Description

Have you ever wondered what makes you happy? What activities lead you to a more cheerful life? Our android application will put an end to these existential questions. Without any effort at all, the user will be able to discover major factors that affect their happiness; based on these findings, our application will make recommendations on how that specific user can lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

One of the key components of our project will be to get high quality data about various user activities throughout the day.  This information will include their happiness/stress levels, their activities, and their whereabouts. There are several ways in which we could accomplish this goal. We intend to use social/sleep/exercise and the other available lifestyle data from the Biorhythm and PACO applications, and use it as our feature vector (in machine learning terms). We also plan to utilize happiness and stress data from both of the applications and make it into our prediction variable. Furthermore, we aim to design separate components of the application, which would collect the data unobtrusively using the sensors in the phone. This would allow us to collect the data continuously and use that live data to perform more accurate analysis (described in the next section). After collecting all of the data, we would then quantify and process it into the format compatible for machine learning algorithms we plan to use.

Probably the most important aspect of our application will involve statistical data analysis using various machine learning algorithms. After collecting and processing all of the data, we will use machine learning methods to find correlations between user’s activities and his level of happiness. Then, based on the algorithm’s output we will be able to determine the major features that cause this specific individual to be happy, and also construct some specific recommendation on what kind of activities he should pursue/avoid in order to make his life happier. The cool part about this application is that each user will get recommendations specifically designed for them. Our application will not make any assumptions about what makes humans happy in general. It will analyze the raw data and produce the output based purely on the data.