The Dartmouth Club of Maryland spans the entire state of Maryland, with the exception o
f the Washington, DC suburbs. Most of our club meetings and events take place in Baltimore and Annapolis, though our members are located throughout the state of Maryland.  We welcome all College alumni, including
undergraduate, Tuck, Thayer, and Geisel School of Medicine grads, as well as current students to participate in our many annual events.

Check out our September 2017 newsletter or  find us on Facebook! Whether you're new or old to the area, we'd love to have you join the club. Feel free to get in touch, and find out how to become a member!

Our club email is dartmouthclubmd@gmail.com


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Board Meeting    Monday, September 17 
7 PM (6:30 PM for social hour)

R House301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211 Caroline Wayner '88 at dartmouthclubmd@gmail.com
Young Alumni Fall Event:
Urban Hike Through Gwynn's Falls Trail

Sunday, September 9
10 AM until noon
 Link coming

 Dartmouth Football at   Towson University

 Saturday, September 26, 2020

 Towson University Stay tuned for more details in a few years!

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Send-off Party for Class of 2022 (August 12, 2018)
Our annual Send-Off party was held at the home of Maggie (Penn '00) and Bruce '00 Kennedy on Ruxton Road.  Four of the ten members of the Class of 2022 were able to attend with us, and they were regaled with Dartmouth stories and well wishes.  They even joined in a rousing singing of the alma mater, the first of many times that they will sing those revered words.

Several local alumni were present, as well as Cameron White '19 who will soon begin his senior year.  Cameron's parents, Mary and Stan,  are the Club's Parents  coordinators.

Thanks to Caroline Wayner '88, our new club president for her first event, and to Maggie and Bruce Kennedy '00 for hosting at their wonderful home (with their children, dressed in Thing 1 and Thing 2 Seuss t-shirts!)


Annual Day of Service (May 5, 2018)

This year we are making cookies for kids and their families who stay at Believe in Tomorrow's JHU hospital housing.  We made 40ish chocolate chip cookies and learnt how to make orgami from one child who stayed there :)

Professor Pease Speaks at Admitted Students Event -- Sunday, April 8, 2018

Big Green Affair -- March 8, 2018

Docent Tour of Mexican Modernist Prints at the Baltimore Museum of Art -- March 3, 2018

Dartmouth Club Service at the Maryland Food Bank (January 13, 2018)
Six members of the club spent a Saturday afternoon at the Maryland Food Bank, working on the belt to sort donated food in honor of the MLK holiday weekend.  Several people were returning "veterans", and others were first timers.  We were joined by a few significant others, and we made new friends with each other as well as other volunteers on the line.  The Food Bank sends the sorted boxes of food to about 1200 agencies through Maryland to provide millions of meals to citizens who need a boost.

Thanks to Emily Zhou (TU '16)  for organizing the event.


Dartmouth Club Holiday Party (December 19, 2017)
The annual holiday party was held again at the Mt. Washington Tavern in Baltimore.  Attendance included members of Dartmouth classes 1962 through 2017, and we added three of our newest Dartmouth family:  newly accepted members of the Class of 2022.  They had heard of their acceptances in Early Decision the previous Thursday evening!  Welcome to them, and congratulations.

Our featured speaker was Brooke Lierman '01.  Brooke has been active with the Club over the years.  She is now a delegate in the Maryland House of Delegates, and she and her husband, Eben Hansel '01,  are proud parents of two young children, including a newborn daughter (perhaps a member of the Class of 2040!).  Brooke told about her years at Dartmouth and how she feels the need to "be the change that I see."  She related stories about classmates, professors, classes, and adventures that let her out of what was familiar, and that has made such a difference in her life.

Thanks to Tara Gulla '95 (from afar in new Jersey) and Siobhan Keenan '92 who organized the holiday party.


Join the Dartmouth Alumni Interviewing Team!

Thanks to Stefani Thomas Graddy '01, Alastair Mackay '78, Kristin Smith '92, Emily Zhou TU '16, Katherine Cespedes '10, Jeffrey Shaw '04, Justin Ortiz '95, Dave Stephens '75 and Bill Sasser '75 for all of their help in interviewing 48 applicants for the Class of 2022 on Sunday, January 28.  Thanks to Jim Goodrich '87 for hosting the event at his offices at the Inner Harbor.

We are within about 10 applicants of having all of them scheduled for an interview!


Dartmouth Admissions needs your help! Volunteer to interview applicants and share your Big Green pride in our community. You can schedule the interviews at your convenience, and you will receive plenty of tips and training to help you through the process. Your insights on a candidate’s character and fit for Dartmouth help the College make razor-thin decisions between admit and deny. To volunteer and help shape the class of 2022, register here: dartgo.org/aap, or email the AAP team (aap@dartmouth.edu) with questions.

 A goal of our program is to ensure that all applicants are offered an alumni interview (last year 14,250 of the 20,000 applicants were interviewed), but we can only reach this goal with the help of our dedicated alumni body.  We would appreciate your help and are happy to answer any questions you or your members might have about the role of an admissions ambassador.  After you have registered at the websites above, contact David Stephens '75 (District Enrollment Director for our area in Maryland) at stephensd@brynmawrschool.org.  Dave will pair you with an applicant (November for Early Decision, and January-February for Regular Decision)

Early Decision Results  (December 2017)
The central Maryland area celebrates five (5) acceptances out of 15 applicants in the Early Decision round this winter.  Thanks to our alumni interviewers.

We will begin the Regular Decisions interviews in January. There usually are another 150-170 interviews to be accomplished. There will be one central location round on Tuesday, January 9th in North Baltimore, and another at the Inner Harbor on Sunday, January 28.  Many other interviews will be arranged individually by alumni.  Please contact Dave Stephens '75  (stephensd@brynmawrschool.org) to help,  if you have not already signed up.  Your aid is greatly appreciated!

Dartmouth Alumni Club sponsors a Book Club Meeting  (October 5, 2017)
Mary White, mother of Cameron White '19, hosted a book club meeting in the library of the l'Hirondelle Club in Ruxton.  This month, we selected Fake Plastic Love by Kimberley Tait '01.  This novel tells the story of two Dartmouth students who become friends, and they both move to New York City upon graduation.  One becomes an investment banker, and the other becomes a lifestyle blogger.  Their new lives become full of cocktail parties, high ambition, and fake "plastic".  The book club meeting went very well, and the group talked until almost 10 PM!  Everyone had great input, and we enjoyed the book's connection to Dartmouth.

Here's a link to an interview with the author, Kimberley Tait: http://theneotrad.com/2017/05/25/fake-plastic-love-kimberley-tait/