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Happy 2008 Everyone!

Hope everybody had a great New Year...mine was spent resting and writing some new stuff. I've been recording some demo tracks so I can keep the new songs fresh in my mind. Everything's coming together quite nicely, considering October Sun was finished a couple of months back. It's hard to believe it's already 2008! My does time fly.

I had some requests from folks on My Space to fix the issue with downloading October Sun...that issue's been resolved. You can now click on the link to the album and download it from Mediafire. My gift.

October Sun RELEASED!

Everyone thought it would never happen (including myself) but the new album is out! Check it out (and download it for free) on the MUSIC page.

Alright, Enjoy the Music!

Or else...just kiddin'. Just uploaded my first 3 records to the MUSIC page (see links to your left) and hope you all enjoy!

Throwin' a Finger to the DRM

Not that I'm signed to any major record label or nothing, but I'm gonna be uploading all my previous albums up here for download...TOTALLY FREE DOWNLOAD, that is! Partly inspired by some major artists releasing their albums (i.e. Radiohead) I feel this is a good move as it not only gets the music out there to the masses (all of you) but gets it out there for free. STAY TUNED!

October Sun Release Date is October 31st!

The long awaited fourth record October Sun is due to be released (coincidentally enough) on October 31st, Halloween! I've been working on the album pretty heavy the past four or five weeks, some of which were songs I wrote several months ago, a couple on-the-spot ones. I'm very happy about October Sun; it's been more of a labor of love than some of the other albums, a collection of ideas that started out as a semi-conceptual album and ended up something entirely different.

I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and patience over the past few months. It really helped to make this album come to life, believe me. I also want to thank my wife Sarah for contributing vocals on "Innocent", which is in my opinion maybe the most haunting ballad I've ever brought to fruition.

I worked on some of the album art this past weekend. It's looking pretty good, considering most of it was shot and edited on my off days. I still have a lot to do with the art, aside from polishing up mixes on a few tracks. I hope everyone likes the covers (pictured below) and the record as a whole. Until next update!

- Josh Felty, 10-7-07

Welcome Home...

I felt my music project, Dartmoor, needed a home today...so here we are! It's gonna be a wild ride keeping this baby updated on a daily basis, but I'll do my best. If anything, it'll be a weekly affair and a whole lot hotter when I'm recording or performing or something.

Speaking of performing, I'm really looking forward to starting playing some local places here soon. The only thing is Winchester is really not too hot of a live-music mecca whatsoever, considering the only places are two redneck dives. I'm thinking Lexington might be more appropriate: college town, better venues, etc.

I also plan on getting some of the album art from October Sun (release date potentially known soon) up here sometime next week. I was working on it all weekend, taking snapshots and Photoshopping my days off away!

Now that we're up and running, it's time to promote the dickens out of this site! Again, welcome and enjoy!

- Josh Felty, 10-4-07