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This of course means, everything "The Lost Boys", "Aliens", "Predator", "AvP", "White Wolf", "Vampire: The Masquerade", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ALL belong to their respective creators, NOT ME! Chances are, if you can google it and get oddles of results, it ain't mine. I'd be much happier if it was, but it isn't at all. I just find megar joy in life writing Fan Fiction works. *shrug* 


The Lost Boys:

'After the screen goes black...'  -  'Quinn gets an urgent late night call from one of her Childer and the news is dire...' Fic by Me, Takes place tward the End of the Movie. Rated R for Violence, Strong Language, ECT. Oh! and a bit of character death... (Beyond what's in the film of course) Includes My OFC 'Quinn Ravnos' and as such this fic has some Mild x-over like qualitys with White Wolf's World of Darkness.                    I wrote a much more Cannon verson that was an emotional pain to write, It can be found HERE...    Both of these are _Technically_ finished. But I may add to them at a later date, I'm not sure yet.

'Warm Nights'  -  OFC First person Perspective. 'Unable to sleep in the heat, I find a cooler place to nap...' Fic by Me, Random Lost Boys Ficlet. Rated PG-13.

Two more Ficlets, more First Person POV, OFC stories.

'Reassuring' - bit of Drama, smoothed out with Fluff. (or is it?)

'Tough Decisions' - Title says it all, someone has some Tough Decisions to make.

'Problem Child' - Lets see... This one's a bit longer than any of the other mini-Fics in this series... Warnings: Blood play, mention of drug use and drug withdrawal (not verry detailed), mention of potential rape (never happens tho, promise!), Fun adult content (*Blush*), and of course, Strong Language.


'Revenge, Redemption, and a little Fun' - Fun little PWP that just had to be written after some events over on the forum, much fun! Warnings: Naughty bondage stuff, Blood play, Fun adult content (*Blush*), and of course, Strong Language.


The Dangers of Arts and Crafts. - 'Arts and Crafts... It's all fun and games, but beware the glitter.' This Fic exists only due to some sillyness on the Forum over at Random bit of silly insanity that is entirely their fault! *grin* <3 them anyway. Marko + Arts and Crafts = Funny. Rated R for language, aside from that, it's all fun fluff/amusement!

'Kitty Cat'  -  ''Cat' finds something interesting on the way to visit some Friends and decides to step in...' Fic by Me, Takes place After the Movie. Rated R for Violence (Lots of it), Strong Language, Bloodplay, Adult Content, Character death (But No one that will be missed... >.> *evil snicker* Ok, maybe not by ME... But someone maybe. *indifferent shrug*), also there will likely be odd multi-pairings... Not sure who all yet... Includes my OFC 'Cat'.  (Updated September 8th, 2007, at 3:15AM.)

'Intersting Times'  -  'After losing myself in a fantasy search for things that don't exist, I give up my search only to find what I was looking for the whole time waiting for me...' Fic by Me, AU Fic were the Movie was just that but was based on some reality, Takes place in modern years. Rated STRONG R for Violence, Strong Language, Bloodplay, S&M scenes, Adult Content. And, yah... This IS a Shameless Self-Insert Fic, I would say 'I'm sorry'....But, well, I'm not. If you don't like these kinds of Fics, Don't Read it! On the other hand, If you like a good Fic regardless, I would love for you to read it. :)    ( Updated June 24th, 2007, at 1:45AM. )

'The Night I Don't Remember' - 'That night I don't remember? This is it.' *wicked grin* This fic lives in the 'Interesting Times' 'Verse. Rated NC-17 (At LEAST! LoL)... I'll say 'paring' = OFC(Me)/Marko/Paul                  Warnings: Lets see... Blood play, Piercing/Needle play, Far too much cursing, Violence, Death of a random annoying person, Should multi-partners be on here?, Oh! And a slight bit of slash! (mild- kisses, petting, nibbling, biting.) What about 'Escessive use of chocolate'? 'zat a warning? O.o


'Snippet from the 'Interesting Times'-verse'   -    A snippet of Fic from the 'Interesting Times' -verse, I'm not sure yet were it fits in, or if it ever will, if I get to working on that and it fits in over there I'll just merge it... But in case it never does I posted it here. All the SAME warnings and rating apply to this fic!

'ANOTHER Snippet, 'Harsh Realities'' - Another ficlet that Doesn't fit into 'Interesting Times' yet, It may eventually, but I am not sure... But it DEMANDED to be written (06/25/07, 7:18am), So I had to write it. *Shrugs* Warnings: Ummm... Lots? (Extreme and lots of) Blood play, Knife play, Fear play, Hurt/Comfort, Chains, Naughtyness (but no sex, how odd!), Cursing, generally? R-rated stuff... I'll go with 'Strongly' R-Rated at that... I wasn't going to end it on the fluffy 'comfort' note, But I couldn't, It squicked me too much to leave it... So I talked things over with my plot bunnie and a resolution was found.


'Song-Fic, 'Paradise'' - This one's odd... Semi-'Interesting Times'-verse, Has my OFC 'Quinn Ravnos' in it. Quinn/Paul, Singing 'Paradise by the Dashboard light'. *snickers* It was amusing to write. I'll only rate this one R, Nothing big, Just the kind of naughtyness one should expect from a song-fic with that song. *amused grin* ("Paradise by the Dashboard Light" - By Meat Loaf, I <3 the song!!) *giggles* Oh, 'I' am in there, too...


'Waiting...'   -   A random snippet of Daydream that occured to me one afternoon. I decided to write it down. Rating is PG-13, and warnings for Angst.... That's about it. LoL.



'Erica's Halloween'   -  'Erica Buys a Unique costume from Ethan's Costume Shop...'  Fic by Me, Talkes place during Buffy's Season 1 Episode 'Halloween'.  Barely PG-13 raiting, Includes my OFC 'Erica McKenzie'. Semi X-Over with Predator.

'Lost Willow'  -  'Willow leaves Sunnydale after losing her Girlfriend and finds someone that understands to share in her pain...' Fic by Me, Takes place during Buffy Season 6, shortly after the Episode 'Grave'. Mild R Rating. Buffy/Lost Boys X-over, Willow/David.

'My 'Tales from a Barman' addition' - Not yet posted anywere else, 'Xander is the barman who likes to listen to stories from the customers...' He's also the owner of his bar called 'Nights', This is my crossover addition to the ongoing fun and crazyness. Lost Boys/Buffy, Rated... I dunno, PG-13? The Fic I'm writing this in responce to can be found HERE on TTH Fan-Fic.



'Year 2036'  -   'A Young woman reflects on the day she found out all her nightmares were real...' Fic by Me, Random AvP Type setting in space. Rated R.


Origional Work: