The mini-game I am hosting. 

The rules can be found here.  

We will start the game when all land has been claimed. 

This is the current map and statistics.

Current Map: Now with a coordinate plain! Now navigating will be easier and more direct. The black line is the equator and prime meridian, and the gray lines are for more detailed locations. Each box is a sector, so count the boxes, not the lines, when you give a location. So you can do it right, I'll give an example, icicle tears' northern isle sectors are (-8,14),(-7,14),(-6,14). Understand? Good.


=Unclaimed territory
=an army
= Cavalry (a group of 5 armies)
=Tank (a group of 5 cavalries)
=  Pozeal territory
= dotsarecool territory
= icicle tears territory
= pieguy territory
= Mr. Teeth territory
= Giga territory

Land is up for grabs! PM me here or here if you want to join, I'm known as either Amanda, DarthRiko, or Vulpix.
You can also email me at darthriko@yahoo.com

Include: What color you want it (with RBG values, not in hex). What areas you want. All lands will be given the name of the owner. Don't waste your time with a description though.

Player order and current players- Military size - Total sectors controlled
1. Pozeal - 4 cavalries - 2 sectors
2. Dotsarecool - 16 cavalries - 8 sectors
3. Icicle tears - 6 cavalries - 3 sectors
4. Pieguy - 7 tanks, 1 cavalry - 18 sectors
5. Mr. Teeth - 12 tanks - 30 sectors
6. Giga - 13 tanks, 3 cavalries - 34 sectors

Rules are subject to change without notice. Once all the land has been claimed, no new entries will be taken, unless a current player quits before he is defeated.