The rules for the  war game

I declare war!
Rules of the game: 

  1. I, as moderator of the game, will remain neutral at all times. I will not participate in-game either.
  2. Play this like you would an I Declare War! thread would go, with a few alterations, making it more of a game of Risk.
  3. PM me all moves, claims, etc. so I can keep the map current.
  4. No god mode, that is why I'm here.
  5. Teams and trades [b]are[/b] allowed.
  6. This will have an orderly fashion, there will be turns, and defenses.
  7. If 4 hours go by without a player making move, that player's turn will be void and game play will continue on.
  8. An army cannot go more than 5 sectors in any one turn.

Game Process:
1. Each person will receive 10 armies (2 cavalries) on every sector they posses at the beginning of the game.
2. Turns will then start the turn based system.
3. player places armies (if applicable)
4. player performs his/her turn system
5. at the end of his turn, the player gets a bonus army on every sector he/she controls and a bonus army for every 5 he/she controls. All bonus armies will be placed on random controlled sectors.
6. game play continues on to next player, and so on until it returns to the first player.
7. repeat from step 3

Turn system:
1. perform trades/treaties/etc.
2. Name invasion
3. initiate select battle process
4. roll dice

Battle Rules: There is a process in which battles occur, and different style attacks.

Standard attack (land only)
Air raid (anywhere)
Naval attack (water only)

Processes of attacks 

 Standard attack: Can only be done if there is a land connection to the target

  1. Initial attack
  2. I PM defending side to warn of attack
  3. The defending side has 2 hours (or until I log on after time is up) to defend.
  4. If attack is defended; the defending side loses 3 to 2, meaning for every 3 men killed on their side, 2 get killed on the other. If attack is not defended; the defense loses 3 to 1
  5. Dice roll

 Air raid: Can be used anywhere, land or sea

  1. See 1-3 of standard attack
  2. Defended; defense lose 4 to 3. Not defended; defense loses, 4 to 1
  3. Dice roll

 Naval attack: Used when there is no land connection to the target.

  1. See standard 1-3
  2. Defended; defense lose 1 to 1. Not defended; defense lose 4 to 3
  3. Dice roll

Dice Rules

The dice roll can shake up a game a lot. Upon each battle phase, I roll two dice, yes, you will have to trust I'm honest. The resulting numbers can really help or screw someone. The lose factor means if, say the attack has a defense lose factor 3 to 1, if one die were to land on 1, it would become 9 to 1, then if the second landed on 5, become 9 to 2.

Dice outcomes:
1 - defender lose factor 3x
2 - defender lose factor 2x
3 - no effect
4 - no effect
5 - aggressor lose factor 2x
6 = aggressor lose factor 3x