"Time was with us, It is with us and it will be with us but only we have to live with Time."

Hello Friends, I am Darshangi Andharia studying in Department of English M.K. Bhavnagar University.I am fond of reading Gujarati novels. I have read "Lajja Sanyal","Shailja Sagar","Aayno" by Ashwini Bhatt and "Dariyo Ek Taras No" & "Purn Apurn" by Kajal Oza Vaidh. I have written some poems on current affairs and real life of the people. In my U.G. period I was in Natya Dhara and as a part of that activity we went on many villages and do street play for awareness in the villagers regarding woman problems.Even I have achieve many shields and medals in different activities.In M.A. we have to write Assignment and give presentation which helps a lot to enhance my knowledge.