On Refuting the Partisan Groups When Ahlus-Sunnah are Weak





Some people say to us that we are weak and we are not able to refute the partisan groups and due to this they say we


should not refute the partisan groups, so what is your advice O Shaikh?



Shaykh Rabee`:


Salafiyyah has not reached this level of weakness and loss and to Allaah belongs all praise. In every time the Salafiyoon


enjoy the good and forbid the evil. And they warn against the innovators and the people of tribulations. Anyway, if this


companion of innovation is quiet then leave him to die with his innovation and do not mention him. However, if he was


active in spreading his innovation and misguidance and his tribulation then it is not allowed to be quiet upon this evil. And


a Muslim now in any country is able, whether salafi or otherwise, is able to say a word of truth but with wisdom, proof


and evidence.


If this innovation was being spread and it overwhelms the youth then you say we are weak but the situation is not like


that. For by Allaah, they are not able to imprison you nor are they able to kill you. They are not able to do this is any


country (amongst the countries of the world) and to Allaah belongs all praise. This is a blessing. “There will not cease to


be a group clearly upholding the truth” They are clear, their statements are clear, their proofs are clear, and their actions


also, all praise belongs to Allaah. They will not be harmed by those who oppose them nor by those who differ with them


until the promise of Allaah comes. What is important is that the method must be honourable and there is wisdom along


with proof. Barakallaahu feekum. If the situation is like that then whether the partisan groups like it or not and they will


not be pleased in any day.


Also, if they are encouraged to promote their falsehood and they fill the world with it using their different methods, then if


you are quiet and I am quiet then when will the people know the truth as Imam Ahmed rahimahullaah said. So refuting is


an obligation upon them barakallaahu feekum.





Is this to be always referred to the people of knowledge since some say you should not refute anyone yourself because


you live in the West but you must return to the people of knowledge and say what they have to say?



Shaykh Rabee`:


If it is possible to return to the people of knowledge then that is fine, so mention their statements and if it is


not possible and the innovation is clear and the misguidance is clear and you are able to clarify even if you


are a student of knowledge then clarify it.


If you are not able then it is not allowed for you to speak about the religion of Allaah, absolutely not, don’t speak except


with knowledge “and do not speak without knowledge indeed the hearing, seeing, and heart all of them he will be


responsible for.” Even the scholar, it is not allowed for him to speak except with knowledge, proof and evidence. This is


speech regarding Allaah’s religion - Barakallaahu feek.



Shaykh Rabee` bin Haadee

Question to Sheikh Rabee’ ibn Haadi al Madkhalee on refuting the Partisan groups. Dated 26/4/03 – 24 Safar 1424