Al-Hidaayah (an organisation in Sri Lanka) Join with Hizbiyyon for relief work !!!  take Pictures * !!! 


and when inquired (e-mail available at Dar as-Salaf) says Its allowed


taking pictures on these occations and says Sheikh Al-Albani rahimahullah made it allowed ....


below is the reply rece'd from Reza Alaudeen a supporter of Al-Hidaayah Organization Sri Lanka


upon inquiry..



Quote :


Jazakallah for your concerns raised on "suwar", from what I know and heard Including Shaikh Al Albani during

crisis and war times permited "suwar" in bosnia as an evidence on a latter time. May Allah increase you and me in

goddness. We are leaving again on this saturday if their is any contributions please drop it at the Masjid






*  We Fear Allah in posting the above said pictures in our website.

   for verification purposes download links of the said pictures can be provided upon request




In the pictures forwarded by Reza it is seen Uvais ** (a well known Hizbee who is an open supporter

of the Mutazilee Rawaafidee P.Jainulabdeen of India who accuse the Sahaabah radhiallahu anhum ajmaeen

in public stages) together with Kamal - the head of Al-Hidaayah Organization and its supporters.

In the said picture Uvais is in the left side wearing a white T-Shirt and with a fully trimmed beard.


 ** (called as 'Sheikh' Uvais by the e-mail send by Reza)



Against this corruption, we give below two Fatwas  of two Great Ulemas of our time...


Also Sheikh Yahya Silmy as-Saylani mentioned....


"As for the below Fatwah of Sheikh Rabee... we take this as a very clear advise of Sheikh Rabee for the


corruption of Dawah in Sri Lanka by the Hizbees namely ad-dar as-Salafiyyah Negombo (Dr.Nubar's


organization) and Al-Hidaayah Organization Sri Lanka and their allies"


 Posted on Friday 9 February 2007 = 21 Muharram 1428 AH


A question posed to The Carrier of the flag of Jarh wa Ta’deel

The Noble Shaikh, Shaikh Rabee’ Bin Haadee Al Madkhalee
(May Allah preserve him)


Q: (Is it correct for) a caller to Allah (a daa’ee) who is upon the Minhaj (Methodology) of the Salaf, to mix from time to time with a partisan (i.e. Hizbee) group from the Hizbees with the intention of learning their mistakes, secrets, secret affairs and corrupt ideologies (in order) to then free himself from them and make clear to the (Islaamic) Nation the mistakes (of these Hizbee groups) so that they may be warned from them?

A: By Allah I say, O my brother, it is sufficient for you that those Hizbee groups that you mix with have already spread their misguided ideologies and that the ‘Ulamah have already refuted them; do not expose (and open) yourself up to lost!  Verily, many people have entered into them for this same exact reason which after some time resulted in them being engulfed and swept away by the matter and (subsequently) finished.  So the Believer must beware and cautious.  The Salaf did not mix with the Jahmiyyah, the Mu’tazilah, nor the Khawaarij in order to rectify them!  Therefore it is upon you to be upon the way of the Salaf, may Allah bless you.  

Evil sittings and keeping evil company will harm you.  The example of the righteous sitting and the evil sitting is like the example of the merchant of fine perfumes and the ironsmith.  The merchant of fine perfumes may give you a gift, or you will find with him a good smell, or you may purchase some perfume from him.  As for the ironsmith, he will either burn your garment and/or you will find from him a disgusting odor.

So it is upon you O my brothers, to sit with those who are righteous, the people of piety, those who abstain from matters/things out of fear of falling into that which is forbidden, those who are abstentious from worldly affairs and/or that which does not benefit them, and those who have respect for the Sunnah (i.e. those who are upon the Sunnah).  These are the righteous sittings and gatherings.  Beware of (and stay away from) the sitting with the people of desires, for verily they have with them misconceptions.  It is possible that they may gradually allure and temp you.  One may say to you, “enter amongst them and rectify them from the inside”, but they almost never rectify themselves except for that and he whom Allah wills.  

Or do you think that you will learn about them (by doing what you have mentioned)?!  This is not the way of Islaam; Islaam does not support this, may Allah bless you.  I advise you not to mix with them no matter the excuse.  This is because their evil has already been widespread, publicized and known about until it has reached the level of explosions, destruction and devastation.   I have already written and refuted Sayid Qutub as well as the Ikhwaan (i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood).  (In fact) they themselves has already written, made clear (and illustrated their corrupt ideas) in their own books, while they perceive not.  You have been sufficed O my brother.  By Allah, (this is the case) except if there is a Salafy scholar who embarks upon giving da’wah to one whom he hopes will accept the truth, then this is for him, and ok for him (the Salafy SCHOLAR).  Rather, it is incumbent upon him to give him da’wah and to clarify to him the truth.  As for the Salafy who is weak in his knowledge and personality, then it is upon him to stay far away from them so that he may protect and keep safe what he has with him from the truth, and there is nothing comparable to safety.

Translated by
Abu ‘Abdis Salaam Siddiq Al Juyaanee

Abu Abdis Salaam Siddiq Al Juyaanee.