Hello and welcome to my page.
I was born and raised in St. Catharines, ON. and graduated from Laura Secord Secondary School. I received my BSc. Honours Geography degree from Brock University in June of 2010 and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems/Geospatial Management from Niagara College in June of 2011.
My academic interests vary widely which I believe allows me to be an effective contributor in a number of roles. The main reason I chose a straight BSc. from Brock University is that it allowed me to take courses both in Physical Geography as well as Human Geography. This provided me with a well rounded education which gives me a unique ability to understand culture in the context of the physical landscape.
Some of the courses which I completed at Brock include...
Physical Geography
Soil Science
Climatology and Advanced Climatology
Remote Sensing and Advanced Remote Sensing
Cartography/ Map Design and Production
Research Methods in the Geosciences
Quantitative Research Design and Methodology
Resource and Environmental Geographies
Human Geography
Urban Geography
Cultural and Historical Geography
Economic Geography
Transportation Geography
Rural Geography
Advanced Urban and Regional Planning
The GIS/Geospatial Management Program at Niagara College has allowed me to further refine the technical aspects of my degree using a number of relevant industry computer programs and exposing me to a number of computing languages. The main component of the Certificate Program is the full year Thesis project.
Currently I am involved in the topographic assessment of Norfolk County for winegrape production performing multicriteria analysis using slope, aspect, soil properties, current land use and other important parameters to determine site suitability/feasibility for vineyards. 
Some of the courses in the GIS/Geospatial Management Program include...
Foundations of Mapping
Remote Sensing
ArcGIS Applications
GIS Database and Data Warehouse Concepts
GIS Systems and Programming
Surveying and Data Development
Digital Image Processing
Spatial Analysis and Spatial Statistics
Geospatial Models in Visualization
Internet GIS Applications
Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to utilizing my skills and I am comfortable in a number of fields whether in the realm of Physical or Human Geography, research, Remote Sensing, GIS, aerial photo interpretation or field work/data collection. Every project is an exciting adventure no matter how big or how small. I can offer a number of services.