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I have an interest in GIS and online mapping , specifically ArcView, Googlemaps, mashups and GoogleEarth.

Work : Mapping for Eco Management Services

I've created maps for EMS , these mostly relate to wetlands redevelopments. 

Here's a large 4Mb pdf map of a proposed foreshore redevelopment at Milang

 Here's a detail of the Onkaparinga Estuary, Management Area 9 revegetation plan. (5Mb pdf)

Study : Summer Elective January 2006, 

This is a map I did for a topic "SOIL & WAT3007 WT GIS for Environmental Management"  at Adelaide Uni  - Waite Campus with Dr Bertram Ostendorf

The map is the result of analysing the suitability of the land for horsekeeping in the Baross Valley, using the local government regulations that are in force there.

I would highly reccomend the topic to anyone with an interest in GIS.  

The full project writeup of this analysis is here


and some GEO meta URLS just for fun.. : 

testing KML with google maps of Onkaparinga Estuary