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Firstly, I have a very nice home and a wonderful family on 26 acres in Adelaide, SA. My wife, 3 kids, 3 horses, 0 cows (was 6!) and a dog keep me busy !

There's also this law degree I finished in 2008.  I was admitted to the SA Bar on 14 July 2008.

I then work at Mitchell Chambers, helping out a few of the civil jurisdiction  barristers before starting my current job at the Federal Court in January 2009.

 Some legal essays and presentations from law school are here 

I'm also interested in online mapping and GIS and in my spare time I like to play www.geocaching.com - it's a great sport.

Find me online 

mail darren.kruse nosp@m a.t gmail dot com ;find me on LinkedIn and Facebook 

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