Teaching Portfolio

Last Updated: January 2017

Course(s) for Fall 2016

ME230 Astrodynamics

Motion of spacecraft in a central gravitational field. Two and restricted three-body problems; Kepler's equation; orbital maneuvers and rendezvous; interplanetary and lunar trajectories

ME304 Advanced Engineering Analysis I

Analytical methods for the solution of partial differential equations in engineering mechanics and physics, including, eigenfunction expansions; Fourier series; Sturm-Liouville theory and special functions. 


Course(s) for Spring 2017

ME295/395  Special Topics: Advanced Astrodynamics

Advanced topics in orbital mechanics, including, perturbation methods; linear orbit theory; manifolds; trajectory optimization

Summary Listing of Prior Courses Taught

ME346 Advanced Gas Dynamics

ME342 Special Problems in Fluid Mechanics: Hydrodynamic Stability

ME304/5 Advanced Engineering Analysis I, II

ME249 Computational Fluids Engineering

ME245 Advanced Heat Transfer I

ME240 Gas Dynamics

ME230 Orbital Mechanics

ME144 Heat Transfer

ME143 Fluid Mechanics

ME124 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory III (Solid Mechanics)

ME14 Mechanics of Solids

ENGR1 Introduction to Engineering