Recent Publications

last updated: January 2017

Recent Journal Articles  (since 2011)

Zilic A. and Hitt D.L., “Numerical Study of the Influence of Transverse Fins in a Rayleigh-Bénard Cavity,” submitted to Advances in Aircraft & Spacecraft Science 

Pearl J.P., Louisos W. and Hitt D.L. 2017, “Thrust Calculation for Low Reynolds Number Micronozzles,” J. of Spacecraft & Rockets, in press.

McDevitt M.R. and Hitt D.L. 2017, “Numerical Study of Liquid Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition in Catalytic Micro-Reactors,” Advances in Aircraft & Spacecraft Science, Vol. 4 (1). 

M.W. Crossa, W.J. Varhue, M.R. McDevitt, D.L. Hitt, 2016, “Effect of Wetting on the Ability of Nano Materials to Act as Effective Catalysts,” Advances in Chemical Engineering & Science, in press. 

Louisos W.F., Hitt D.L. and Danforth C.M., 2015, “Chaotic Natural Convection in a Toroidal Thermosyphon with Heat Flux Boundaries,”  Intl. J. Heat & Mass Transfer, Volume 88, September 2015, pp. 492–507, doi:10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2015.04.060

McDevitt M.R. and Hitt D.L., 2015, “Numerical Study of Microscale Monopropellant Fuel Injection Using Two-Phase Slug Formation,” J. of Propulsion & Power , Vol.31: 664-673, 10.2514/1.B35358

Eldredge, J.D., Senocak, I., Dawson, P., Canino, J., Liou, W.W., LeBeau, R., Hitt, D.L., Rumpfkeil, M.P., and Cummings, R.M., 2014, “A Best Practices Guide to CFD Education in the Undergraduate Curriculum,”  International Journal of Aerodynamics, Vol 4 (3-4),  pp. 200-236,  doi: 10.1504/IJAD.2014.067580

McDevitt M.R. and Hitt D.L., 2014, “Valve Actuation Effects on a Discrete Monopropellant Fuel Delivery System ,”  Advance in Aircraft & Spacecraft Science. Vol. 1 (4),  pp. 409-425. 

Louisos W.F. and Hitt D.L., 2014, “Numerical Study of 3-D Supersonic Bell Micronozzle Performance,” Journal of Spacecraft & Rockets, Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 491-500.doi: 10.2514/1.A32508

Widdis, S.J.; Asante, K.; Hitt, D.L.; Cross, M.W.; Varhue, W.J.; McDevitt, M.R., 2013, ”A MEMS-Based Catalytic Microreactor for a H2O2 Monopropellant Micropropulsion System," Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Transactions on , vol.PP, no.99, pp.1--9, doi: 10.1109/TMECH.2013.2249085

Louisos W.F., Hitt D.L. and Danforth C.M., “Chaotic Flow in a 2D Natural Convection Loop with Heat Flux Boundaries,” Intl. J. Heat & Mass Transfer, Vol. 61, Pages 565-576.

Louisos W.F. and Hitt, D.L., 2012, “The Influence of Wall Heat Transfer on Supersonic MicroNozzle Performance,” J. Spacecraft & Rockets, Vol. 49 (3), 450-460, doi: 10.2514/1.58696

Decker Harris, K., Ridouane, E., Hitt, D., & Danforth, C. , 2012, “Predicting flow reversals in chaotic natural convection using data assimilation,” Tellus A, 64. doi:10.3402/tellusa.v64i0.17598

Lousios W.F. and Hitt D.L., 2012, “Performance Characteristics of 3-D Supersonic Micronozzles,” J. Spacecraft & Rockets, Vol 49 (1), 51-58. 

McCabe J.W., Hitt D.L. and M.R. McDevitt, 2011, “Monopropellant Fuel Injection Using Two-Phase Microslug Formation,” J. Propulsion & Power, Vol. 27 (6), 1295-1302.  

Ridouane E. H., Hitt D.L., and Danforth C.M., 2011, “A Numerical Investigation of 3-D Flow Regimes in a Toroidal Natural Convection Loop,” Int. J. Heat & Mass  Transfer, Vol. 54, 5253-5261 .

Zhou X. and Hitt, 2011, “POD Analysis of Coherent Structures in Simulated Reacting Buoyant Jets,”  AIAA Journal, Vol.49 no.5, 945-952.

Louisos W.F. and Hitt D.L., 2011, “Analysis of Transient Flow in Supersonic Micronozzles”,  J. of Spacecraft & Rockets, Vol.48 no.2 , 303-311. 

McGarry M., Kohl J., Hitt D. L. 2011, “Liquid Droplet Growth from a Punctured Vessel Under Steady Flow Conditions,” Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 5 (4), 595–604.

Recent Conference Proceedings  (since 2013)

D. Hinckley, D. Hitt, and M. Eppstein, 2014, “Evolved Non-Keplerian Spacecraft Trajectories for Near–Earth Orbital Maneuvers,” AIAA Paper 2014-4222. 

D. Hinckley, K. Zieba, D. Hitt, and M. Eppstein. 2014, “Evolved spacecraft trajectories for low earth orbit,” In Proceedings of the 2014 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO).

McDevitt, M.R. and Hitt, D.L.,  2014, “Numerical Study of Liquid Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition in Catalytic Micro-Reactors,”  New Trends in Transport Phenomena, Paper 83 (8 pages),  Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), May 1-2, 2014.   

Vachon N.M. and Hitt D.L., “Experimental Measurements of Convective Mass Transfer from a Surface Due to a Bound Vortex Flow,” AIAA Paper 2013-2873

McDevitt, M.R. and Hitt D.L., “Diffusive Mixing in Multi-Fluid Droplets Formed at a Microchannel Junction,” AIAA Paper 2013-2973.

Louisos W.F., Hitt D.L. and Danforth C.M., “Chaotic Natural Convection in a Toroidal Thermosyphon with Heat Flux Boundaries,” AIAA Paper 2013-2638.