Nick S. and Darren G. CoVerve
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Nick and I started doing covers together in 1998.  The first one we did was Slide Away.  It has since been lost.  Most of the other survived and this page is to give you access to them. 

Nick and Darren Covers

Make It Til Monday -This is the earliest cover we still have.  It was recorded in Cool Edit.

So It Goes -My first time working with So It Goes.  There's also a version where I sing.

Lifes An Ocean -Kind of ambitious.  The mix isn't very good.  Neither is my tuning.

Space and Time-Nick sent me an acoustic version he played.  I just added to it.

Lucky Man-We can't find the version that includes the vocal.

Weeping Willow-I recorded the piano part for this one in the common room in my dorm.

Precious Stone-Nick did most of the work on this one.  I just added some guitars and vocals.

Drive You Home-This one started out as a school project then Nick added vocals.

Gravity Grave-This is the second half of a medley with Ghost by Howie Day who is also a Verve fan.


Darren Only Covers 

Catching the Butterfly-My most recent cover.

Stormy Clouds-This was my first attempt at looping with a Verve song.  Video also on YouTube

So It Goes-Also pretty recent.  Also available on YouTube.

Where the Geese Go-One of my first Verve covers.  Not bad for being done in...ummm 98 or so.

Little Gem-Another one of the firsts.  Done way back in 98.

See You In the Next One (Have a Good Time)-Another oldie.   Be an easy one to update.


Nick and Darren original 

In My Mind-I recorded the audio for this one then sent it off to Nick and he put some lyrics to it.  I then took a long long time to mix it and now here it is.