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e-books on Amazon

I've included a list of books on an Amazon Store that are geared to help us succeed in NaNo.
The store doesn't embed very well on here (unless it's just me be being a total technophobe), so here is the link to open the store in a new page:- darrelldoo e-books 4 nano
All prices are in US Dollar$ and are downloadable for your Kindle; kindles are on the store, too, if you are yet own one (must update my wishlist...)

Have fun, browse the categories (best to reselect the main one after a particular search to re-load all of the categories in the search box); if you do order, it will take you away to a familiar Amazon order page, where you can order as usual.

There is also an A-Store for UK residents, if you prefer hardback delivered to your door, here

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