Writers Tools

Many of us entering NaNoWriMo this year are, as I will be, first-time entrants.
It is daunting, especially when you consider that this may be the first competition you've ever entered.
Equally as likely, c'est moi, aussi, it is your début as a novelist.
So how do we go about protecting this virginity?  Or at least ensure damage limitation?  
I offer you my G-Spot.
During the build-up thus far, many seasoned NaNonians have proffered links on G+ to expert advice from NaNo authors past and present.  Before launch, I will include as many of those links and shares as is aesthetically decent on this, or any, web-page.
If, however, you want something that you can download now and not have to bookmark (how many pages have you bookmarked and, not only never gone back to, but you're buggered if you can find that darned gateway amongst the 1,000's of other 'must-read' bookmarks you've starred, anyway?!), there are nigh on 2,000 reference books for writers via this category link @ smashwords.com.
The books are available in many formats, from straightforward .pdf downloads to viewable on-line pages/documents to kindle & palm-held device formats.
Many, many are free, such as this 5-star rated book by Lazette Gifford, entitled NaNo for the New & the Insane - if you do nothing else from this visit, please download this excellent book courtesy of yours truly, smashwords & Lazette.


There will also be a link to an Amazon store, which I am working on in the background.
Please, if you have any links, please drop them through to me via the comments box, below, and I will consider their suitability for publication, here.