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    On this page you can upload your own back-up files of your NaNoWriMo entry.
    The way I've done it, and I suggest that you do the same, is add the file via a URL from Google Docs.
    Once you upload your word-processor document to Google docs, you have the choice of sharing it.
    Or keeping it private, of course.
    This way, you are always in total control over who can see your file, or not.

    Once you decide on the type of share, 'public on the web' or 'only with link', it will give you a 'link to share' box, already highlighted, at the top of the box.  It is this link that you need to copy.
    In the '+ Add file' option, below, select 'URL from the web' and paste your link from docs into that URL box.
    I would suggest that the file you store here, you start with your user name, so that you can find it easily from the list, below.

    If you are struggling, please drop me a line and we'll look at what other options there are, even if it means you e-mailing me and I can take charge of the upload process for you (as long as not too many opt for this plan b - I have my own story to write, too, y'know?!).

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Snippet for NaNo taster  Oct 15, 2011, 5:21 PM Jason Darrell