On the hoozoo page, it's a little like 'you show me yours, I show you mine'.  The main purpose is to get a truly global village feeling to our G+ NaNo community.
    If you wish to have your NaNoWriMo work reach a wider audience, then please feel free to enter the specific information in the form, below.

    Your submission will be displayed on the mystory page; thank you for enrolling into our Scroll of Honour!
    Well, let's see how honourable we are in December, eh...
...but thanks, nonetheless. x

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    In the spirit of sharing, here is a little more about your's truly.
    As well as putting together this resource, I also have other sites populating different regions of the www.
    Link, topic and author details, as outlined, in the attachment Darrelldoo Sites.pdf, below.

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Jason Darrell,
Oct 23, 2011, 6:12 PM