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Okay, so we all know why we're here:-
    That is why I absolutely must insist that anyone expressing a wish to register as a part of this site for the 2011 slog gets their information to me prior to October 25th.
    On G+ there are many exceptionally good writers with both experience and talent - an unstoppable combination.
    However, with so much traffic on G+, I find it hard to keep tabs on what is NaNoWriMo and what isn't.
    I want this site, with your help, to be a one-stop shop and meeting-place far from that madding crowd.
    Also, please feel free to use this site as back-up storage for your work or another place to show-off to the world how your writing is progressing.

  This site is a meeting point, place for resources and somewhere you can come if you're looking for inspiration.  Or simply need a break and a chat to other Nanonians during the 30 days of writing.

  Other facilities.
    We have a (limited) forum on the site, where you can sign in with your G+ ID.
    If you don't want to be involved in that, but would still like it known that you're entering NaNoWriMo, you can register your info on a simple form on the hoozoo page.
    A link to your G+ profile and NaNo snippet will be displayed on the mystory page as if by magic, once you complete this information in said form; this page is also where you can back-up your work as a safeguard or if you just want to show off what you have completed thus far, if required.

    There have also been many contributors from G+, providing tips for the competition itself and writing in general..
    You can find the role of honour on the G+ Tipsters page, and keep up to date with feeds from notable blogs (as well as the site's own NaNo News), announcing updates for this year's challenge.


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Updates from your G+/NaNo Site

  • As November 1st approaches, we strive to keep ahead of the game.  Check out the latest updates on DarrelldooGSpot, just in case there's something you've forgotten!
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    There are two Amazon stores on the site.
    One, predominantly for the UK, where you can order hard copies of all sorts of reference books to help you through this year's National Novel Writing Month, for delivery to your door.
    There is also the option to order a Kindle device (if you don't already own one) where you can order a tablet of your choosing and have delivered from the UK, but then go on to order the e-books from the US store.
    The UK site lives here, and the US one here.
    You can also order a Kindle device on the US site, too!


If there is anything missing, something you think should be added, please feel free to e-mail me or drop me a comment and I will try to oblige.